Hello Spring Break...A Random Post...Plus a Giveaway

Well I have been without my computer for a week now and counting...BOO! I've got some crazy spyware adware mumbo jumbo stuff that has taken up shop and living on my computer. This stuff is preventing me from getting on the internet and pretty much preventing me from even using it. It goes 12 kinds of crazy when I turn it on. So sad about this.... I sure hope this can be resolved soon. I didn't realize how reliant I was on a computer until now. I feel like my left arm has been amputated. hahaha
Anyways... I have a ton of Fairy Tale stuff to post.... but can't post anything until my computer gets fixed. :(

On a brighter note my spring break is this week and I am super duper beyond words excited about this!!! Me and Mr. E are taking a  road trip to the Biltmore and I couldn't be more excited!! There is a Christmas Tree Shop in a town fairly close by so I plan to make my very first visit to one of these little stores that I have heard so much great talk about from my blog buddies. I'm pretty sure I'm waaay excited about this!!

Do you like OPI nail polish???? Stephanie at Nursing in Red Stilettos is having a giveaway for four bottles!!! If you like nail polish then head over there right now and get signed up! :)

I hope your week will be as wonderful as mine is going to be!!!!! :)



Liz said...

Bummer to hear about your computer. I feel your pain! Hope it's up and running soon! So jealous you are already on spring break..mine's in a few weeks. I'll totally be rockin my new shades..that I absolutely love!

Have a great vacation :)

Elisabeth said...

Thanks girl!!! I hope it gets up and running soon too. I'm about to pull my hair out not having one!!! I am soooo glad you are loving the shades!!!!! That makes me super happy! I was excited when I got them! :) Have a great week!