Five for Friday! {July 8, 2016}

I can't believe that it's already July. I just knew I was going to blog more this summer and sadly I have failed at that. So, I'm popping in today to get caught up and share some things that I have been doing school wise lately. I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday! 

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm changing my theme for the upcoming school year to a woodland friends/camping theme. One thing I've done for the past several years that has worked very well for me is having a student of the week... This sweetie is featured in the hallway with the an all about me poster and they are my line leader and special helper for the entire week. My first two years of teaching I had a classroom job chart and my helpers and leader changed daily. I wasn't the best at changing the chart out because let's face it teacher's have 1 zillion things to do each morning. So the summer after my 2nd year I brainstormed some ideas that would help me with that and I decided to do a student of the week and let that student be the helper and leader for the entire week. And if more than one helper is needed for a job, I let my student of the week pick friends to help. It has been a game changer!!! That year I did a rock star theme and called my student of the week a "rock star of the week." I did that theme for a few years and then changed to a jungle theme. When I changed my theme to jungle I called my student of the week a "top banana." So here I am this summer with a new theme and I thought what can I call my student of the week?? I decided to go with "camper of the week." And that's when this little baby was born in the hallway! Isn't she cute!!??? I plan to hang the all about me poster on the camper door. I've still got to add a hitch to it. Gosh... I love how cute it turned out!!!

On one of my visits to Target this summer I found the best bins in the dollar spot. They are colorful and sturdy. And that first day I just bought a few because at that time I thought I would use them in my groups. After I got home I was kicking myself because I really wanted to use them for a classroom library makeover. My bins I had were not holding up well and were mismatched. So after going to and calling several targets trying to track these bins down I finally got enough for my classroom library! 
Houston we have a Target Dollar Spot bin problem!! haha
Then I thought... But I really need enough for my manipulatives and supplies so all of my bins match in my classroom. So the hunt was on again. This time I got some help from Eric's brother who was tracking to Louisville for a work trip. He stopped in E-Town and picked me up a case and finally I think I have enough. #teacherproblemsolved  

Speaking of Target... Have you seen these awesome little felt games?? I picked these up for inside recess days! I thought they would be perfect. I also picked one up for me and Eric because I thought they would be perfect for lake days! :) 

A new theme also means I need to redo my student take home binders! And when you don't know who is in your class just yet, well you use your fur baby's name instead! ;)

It's stormed on and off all week, so I have been busy printing and laminating centers. Today the electric was out for awhile so I got busy cutting my back to school centers out. One less thing to do in August! :)

Well friends that's my Five for Friday! I hope everyone is having a restful and fabulous summer! Enjoy every second because if yours is anything like mine, it's going by WAY TOO FAST! Don't forget to link up with Kacey with your Five for Friday!