St. Patrick's Day Fun & A Sale

I stayed up extra late last night to finish my St. Patrick's Day Fun Mini Unit and got it posted!! Since we will be out on spring break the week of March 12th, we won't get a chance to do very much for St. Patrick's Day, but I did want to do a few things.... so I whipped up a little mini unit for us to work on the week we come back from spring break.

Here is a little peek of what is in this mini unit...

How to catch a leprechaun craftivity

Pot of Gold Fact Family craftivity 


-St. Patrick's Day ABC Order Activity & Recording Sheet

-St. Patrick's Day Syllables Activity & Recording Sheet
-Adding 3 Numbers Roll a Number Game

-Things That are green bubble map 

-4 writing sheets:

  • If I was a leprechaun I would...
  • I feel lucky when...
  • If I found a four leaf clover I would wish for...
  • If I had a pot of gold I would buy...
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Dr. Seuss Wonderfulness!

Could you, would you enter our Dr. Seuss giveaway??

I am teaming up with three VERY talented ladies to give 4 lucky winners 4 Dr. Seuss themed packets!!! 

Here is what you will get...


To enter this giveaway, hop on over to Rachelle's blog and simply leave one comment telling us your favorite or least favorite Dr. Seuss book and don't forget your email!!

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Valentine's Day & Pinkalicious

Hi sweet blog friends! This week sure has been a long one it seems like! Where is the snow when you need it!? I don't have a whole lot of pictures to share from our Valentine's Day events.... unfortunately my camera battery went dead way early in the day and I didn't capture hardly anything... :(

Here are a couple though...

We made these card/treat bags from my Be Mine unit.

We made heart shaped glasses.

Unfortunately, after that the ole camera bit the dust with an "exhausted battery."  Some other things we
did was play Valentine's Day edition pictionary, graphing with candy hearts, making words with the letters in Valentine, etc.

Sweet Mr. E sent me some flowers to work. :) LOVE HIM!

(not the best pic... sorry it was taken at night so real bad lighting!) but they were beautiful.. and it made my day! so I thought I'd share! :)

I just posted my newest unit to TPT. It's called Fun with Pinkalicious! You can check it out in my TPT store

Here is a little peek of what of what you will get in this unit..

A cute little Pinkalicious pattern

A How to Bake Cupcakes Craftivity

Pinkalicious ABC Order
Story Comparison Venn Diagram
Story Map
Pinkalicious Addition
Pinkalicious Odd & Even Numbers
Tooth Fairy writing sheet
Sweet Tooth writing sheet
Pinkalicious graphing
Color Mixing activity 
4 Story Comprehension Sheets (for Pinkalicious, Silverlicious, Purplicicious, and Goldilicious)

The first person to comment will get this unit for free. :)

That's all I got for tonight... Tomorrow is Friday!! YAY!


February Bulletin Board

Here is a little peek at my February bulletin board for the hallway by my room.

You can get these cutie patootie patterns in my Be Mine! A Collection of Literacy, Math, and Craft Activities for Valentine's Day unit that is in my TPT store. :)

Happy Tuesday!


Groundhog Day

Happy Saturday!! I thought I'd share some of the things we did for Groundhog Day. We read the book Groundhog Day by Gail Gibbons (love this book! it explains the day so well and gives such great info about groundhogs!)

Here are a few pics of what we did for Groundhog day...

 The groundhog pattern can be found at Finally in First and the writing paper at Teacher Bits and Bobs! Go check these gals out! :)

Don't forget to check out my newest unit on TPT... Fun with The Cat in The Hat and Friends! By request I just uploaded the patterns in a pack by themselves. I have both of these marked down.

That's all I got for tonight!


Fun With Dr. Seuss & The 100th Day!

Hi sweet blog friends! I have been busy working on my newest unit and I FINALLY finished it!! I just posted my Fun with The Cat and the Hat and Friends unit to TPT! I am super excited about it! It is jammed packed with tons of activities, crafts, etc!!!!

Here is a little peek at all the craft patterns you will get in this unit....

I couldn't get Fox in Socks to turn the other way for some reason.. sorry!

This unit is packed full of literacy, math, and craft activities to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday and Read Across America. In this unit you will get the following:
-Dr. Seuss Character Patterns (scanned images)for the following characters: The Cat and The Hat, The Lorax, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Horton, Sam I Am, Yertle the Turtle, Fox in Socks, and Thing 1 & Thing 2
-Dr. Seuss Week Dress up day suggestions with (5) daily graphs that coordinate with each dress up day
-Do you like green eggs and ham graph
-Thing 1 and Thing 2 Addition with recording sheet
-Making Words with The Cat in The Hat with recording sheet
-The Cat and The Hat card graphing activity with recording sheet
-Rhyming Words match with recording sheet
-Noun and Verb sort with recording sheet
-Roll a Number math game
-Dr. Seuss story comparison Venn diagram
-Long/Short vowel short
-Dr. Seuss character ABC order with recording sheet
-Ways to Help our Environment (The Lorax)
-The Lorax writing activity sheet
-Gold Fish Crackers Graphing

You can check it out at my little ole TPT store!

Last week I had bus duty so that was the reason for the lack of posting! That and trying to finish up this unit and surviving my first unannounced pop-in evaluation under this new evaluation system.. YIKES! On Friday we celebrated the 100th day of school... I was t-totally tired by the end of the day! But we had a fun day! Here are a few pics from our celebration.

 Throughout the day I drew out a name and that student got to pick a balloon for us to pop. Inside each balloon was a different 100 activity for us to complete. Some examples of things we did are... 100 jumping jacks, draw 100 shapes, count by 2's to 100, do 100 sit-ups, touch our nose 100 times, clap our hands 100 times, blink our eyes 100 times, etc. My favorite was 100 seconds of silence!!!! :)

We made a 100th day trail mix!

This was a pinterest idea. Sorry for the dark picture... maybe you can tell what it is.. if not this 100 was a police van :)

We completed the little 100th day book that you can find at First Grade a la Carte, Can you guess what this little drew for what he would look like in 100 years??? HA

We did a ton of other activities... but I didn't get pictures of every single thing. But they were all pretty much pinterest ideas. I sent home a brown paper sack with a note at the beginning of the week asking for parents to help their put 100 of the same item in the bag. They wrote clues about their 100 item and then they shared with the class the clues while we took turns guessing what was in the bag. They got pretty creative with this.., I was totally stumped with the 100 UNO cards! I got the kids 100 day glasses from Really Good Stuff. They were so precious in them.

And this is totally random is a snowman cookie snack we made a couple of weeks ago.. this was pinterest inspired as well.

Well if you made it to the end of this super duper long post.. thanks for hanging in there!! The first person to comment will snag a copy of my new Dr. Seuss unit for.. FREE :)

Happy Thursday night! I'm pumped that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!