Meet Dexter......Post Your Pet(s) Linky Party!!

When I got on to do my usual "blog stalking" I found that several of the blogs I am following were doing a post your pet linky party that is hosted by Ladybug's Teacher Files. I knew I needed to jump on this band waggon right away because I am indeed in LOVE with my sweet baby dog Dexter.

Dexter is a sweet little Yorkie Poo. I have had him since May of 2010. He was a blessing and the best gift I have ever received. A lady that I know from work knew that I had been wanting a dog. She breeds these sweet little pups and Dexter was one that she had given to her sister. Her sister decided she couldn't give him the love he needed because she wasn't home enough so she gave her back. Right then she knew who needed this little booger and who could give him the love he so desperately needed and deserved.... that's right... this ole gal right here!!! It was my LUCKY day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She normally sells these for $450!! It was LOVE at first sight!
Dexter dog is such a day brightener and I can't wait to get home to the little booger each day! And it even makes me sad when I drive off in the morning to see the little cutie sitting by the door looking out watching me leave. :(  And although he spends 90% of his time in the recliner snuggled up with Eric.. which makes me super jealous.. I still think deep down he loves me the most! :) I think he likes the recliner and that's why he sits there. hahaha  I have to tell myself this! ha

Here are a few pics of him.. prepare yourself... he is quite possibly the CUTEST thing ever!!!!! :)

 We celebrated his first birthday on November 6th with a little party!!!!!

 He isn't happy when Eric and I leave together. We sometimes come home to little surprises like this when he sees us leave together without him. haha  We were gone a really long time one day Christmas shopping and this was our surprise when we returned. Gotta love him!

 I even wrapped him up some goodies and he did a wonderful job opening them all by himself! haha

Did I say a few pictures?? SORRY! I got carried away!!! Needless to say I'm one proud mama bear! I'm blessed beyond means with so many wonderful thing in my life and this little fur baby is at the very top of my list! He brings me much happiness and pleasure and I couldn't imagine not having that little booger around!!!

Do you have a cute little guy like Dexter you want to show off?? Head over to Ladybug's Teacher Files and check out her linky party!! :)


Unknown said...

Dexter is a sweetie! I love his Santa outfit. :)

Emily said...

Dexter is adorable! I have two Yorkies and their dad was named Dexter :)

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