Nice Boots Miss Delk

Today at school I was flooded with compliments from my first grade cuties... and even some other kids throughout the school. Why, you ask?? Because of these little babies right here.....

Nothing better than a little Hello Kitty with a side of rain boot! ha
Cute huh? The girls.. even some boys.. were flooding me with compliments today! (it's a good thing I was wearing my rain boots for the flood! :) ) One little cutie said "do you know whose lookin' pretty cute today"?? YOU! HAHA  Made me feel all kinds of good!

My gal pal Stephanie brought me these yesterday just because! Talk about making my day..and my whole week! There are few genuinely good people in the world and I'm glad that I have one that I can call my best friend! :) 

On a side note........

I have a ton of "schoolish" things that I'm dying to post...however my computer is getting a little face lift since it was freaking out a bit earlier in the month. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon!

Happy Wednesday blog buddies!! It's almost Friday!!!..... and me and Mr. E have a date with Louisville this weekend!


Spring Break...With A Hint Of Christmas..and A Whole Lotta Randomness

Well folks I have been on blog hiatus since my computer recently went craaaazzzzy with some spyware adware junk! After not even turning it on for weeks I turned it on to transfer some files to my flash drive and it was magically working again. HALLELUJAH!!!!! So thank you Casper the Ghost for fixing my computer.haha  So here is a LONG overdue post with a little of this and a little of that to let ya'll know what this little ole southern belle has been up to lately!

Me and E went to Asheville, North Carolina for Spring Break. We went to the Biltmore, strolled downtown, and ate like nobody's business. (I probably gained 10 pounds while we were gone! ha)  We had all kinds of fun! I really enjoyed it!!!  Do you want to hear something all kinds of sweet and then some????  Since I have become a blog stalker I have found that some of the teacher blogs that I am stalking have been going to a store called "Christmas Tree Shops." And after seeing all the neat things they have been buying I was jealous and chomping at the bits to go to one of these stores. After E had to hear all about how Babbling Abby found this and that at the Christmas Tree Shop he said look them up and find out where the stores are located. Well to my dismay there is not one in Tennessee. BOO! :(  There were some in surrounding states and one in North Carolina. Well I didn't think much about it because they were sooo far away. Well as we were driving E decided for us to keep on a trucking and pass Asheville up to drive even farther to get me to one of these stores!!!!! What a good man right??????  If that ain't love then I don't know what love is! haha  As we were getting closer and closer to arriving at this little honey hole he said "This store better not be the size of Lids!" haha  When we arrived it was just as I had imagined.. WONDERFUL! I really didn't need anything... but wanted EVERYTHING. I could have spent hours looking around. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera in and didn't get any snap shots of the items they had in the store, but I did take a pic of the store. E said you better blog about this! hahahaha  But I did take some pics of some of the items I bought when we got home because I was dying to share!! (some of what I bought is Christmas gifts and someone I bought for might read this can't post those items..sorry folks!)

 Before we left E said you better take a picture of this place and blog about this after all the trouble we went to go to one! haha
Here is a few pics of some of the loot I got while we were there....

 Here are some things I got for my classroom. I LOVE Frank Schaffer and I was pumped when I found these little homework helpers by Frank Schaffer. They were $1.99. I got some cutesy push pins for my bulletin boards for $1.00 and colorful mechanical pencils for my treasure box. They were also $1.00. And we have been studying fairy tales and they had several fairy tale books. I had all of the others but needed Jack and The Beanstalk so I got it while I was there...$1.99!

 I got this for one of my bathrooms that I had already decorated in beachy type things... Look closely there are seashells poking out form it. :)  I thought it was cute....

And here is a pic of a bookshelf we got for E's man cave to put manly things on.... He liked it and couldn't wait to put it together!! :) They had some super cute furniture there! Too bad we weren't pulling a trailer..... Maybe next time!

Not pictured are some shepard hooks for my flower baskets I got for 2.99 a piece, batteries for $1.39 a pack, and some goodies I picked up for gifts that I will either use for Birthday presents or Christmas gifts. Oh and we got a wash mitt for Dexter Dog. I totally could have gotten a ton of other things..... but I resisted temptation. I hope I can visit this little honey hole again soon!!! (wishful thinking on my part!)


Here are a few pics of us here and there while on our little trip.

This place is called "The Corner Kitchen." We ate breakfast here before heading to the Biltmore. Obama has ate here too on a visit to Asheville! They had pics of him up on the wall. All of there dishes were Fiesta and I HEART Fiesta!!!

 And these little traveling bunnies also made a trip to Ohio as soon as we returned from NC for some family business. We managed to stop for an oil change along the way. Happy Saturday blog buddies!!!!


Awesome Giveaways!

Some of my favorite blogs that I visit on a daily basis are having giveaways! Check out these awesome giveaways!!!
Rachelle and Natalie at What The Teacher Wants is giving away a $100 gift card to The Container Store. I really hope I win this because there are a ton of things I've already picked out that I want!!!!

Abby at The Inspired Apple has teamed up with Ms. Davis at Thirst for Thirst for a Let's Get Poppin' giveaway! I've been chompin' at the bits for those adjective activities ever since Abby posted about them last week. I just haven't broke down to get it yet. I would be beyond excited if I was the lucky winner!!!! 


Made for 1st Grade is having an awesome giveaway for a Laura Numeroff Circle Story unit they have created. It looks awesome!

Mrs. Thiessen at The First Grade Sweet Life is having an awesome giveaway for a gift certificate to the  Scrappin' Doodles. What teacher doesn't love them some cutesy clipart???

I have previously mentioned the OPI giveaway but since this post is dedicated to giveaways I thought I'd mention it again. Stephanie at Nursing in Red Stilettos is hosting an OPI giveaway for four bottles of OPI nail polish. What girl doesn't love nail polish??

If you haven't already checked out all these awesome blogs and signed up for their giveaways there is still time! Head on over to all of them now and get yourself signed up!!

I sure hope I'm the lucky winner of something!! haha

Happy Tuesday!!


Hello Spring Break...A Random Post...Plus a Giveaway

Well I have been without my computer for a week now and counting...BOO! I've got some crazy spyware adware mumbo jumbo stuff that has taken up shop and living on my computer. This stuff is preventing me from getting on the internet and pretty much preventing me from even using it. It goes 12 kinds of crazy when I turn it on. So sad about this.... I sure hope this can be resolved soon. I didn't realize how reliant I was on a computer until now. I feel like my left arm has been amputated. hahaha
Anyways... I have a ton of Fairy Tale stuff to post.... but can't post anything until my computer gets fixed. :(

On a brighter note my spring break is this week and I am super duper beyond words excited about this!!! Me and Mr. E are taking a  road trip to the Biltmore and I couldn't be more excited!! There is a Christmas Tree Shop in a town fairly close by so I plan to make my very first visit to one of these little stores that I have heard so much great talk about from my blog buddies. I'm pretty sure I'm waaay excited about this!!

Do you like OPI nail polish???? Stephanie at Nursing in Red Stilettos is having a giveaway for four bottles!!! If you like nail polish then head over there right now and get signed up! :)

I hope your week will be as wonderful as mine is going to be!!!!! :)


Meet Dexter......Post Your Pet(s) Linky Party!!

When I got on to do my usual "blog stalking" I found that several of the blogs I am following were doing a post your pet linky party that is hosted by Ladybug's Teacher Files. I knew I needed to jump on this band waggon right away because I am indeed in LOVE with my sweet baby dog Dexter.

Dexter is a sweet little Yorkie Poo. I have had him since May of 2010. He was a blessing and the best gift I have ever received. A lady that I know from work knew that I had been wanting a dog. She breeds these sweet little pups and Dexter was one that she had given to her sister. Her sister decided she couldn't give him the love he needed because she wasn't home enough so she gave her back. Right then she knew who needed this little booger and who could give him the love he so desperately needed and deserved.... that's right... this ole gal right here!!! It was my LUCKY day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She normally sells these for $450!! It was LOVE at first sight!
Dexter dog is such a day brightener and I can't wait to get home to the little booger each day! And it even makes me sad when I drive off in the morning to see the little cutie sitting by the door looking out watching me leave. :(  And although he spends 90% of his time in the recliner snuggled up with Eric.. which makes me super jealous.. I still think deep down he loves me the most! :) I think he likes the recliner and that's why he sits there. hahaha  I have to tell myself this! ha

Here are a few pics of him.. prepare yourself... he is quite possibly the CUTEST thing ever!!!!! :)

 We celebrated his first birthday on November 6th with a little party!!!!!

 He isn't happy when Eric and I leave together. We sometimes come home to little surprises like this when he sees us leave together without him. haha  We were gone a really long time one day Christmas shopping and this was our surprise when we returned. Gotta love him!

 I even wrapped him up some goodies and he did a wonderful job opening them all by himself! haha

Did I say a few pictures?? SORRY! I got carried away!!! Needless to say I'm one proud mama bear! I'm blessed beyond means with so many wonderful thing in my life and this little fur baby is at the very top of my list! He brings me much happiness and pleasure and I couldn't imagine not having that little booger around!!!

Do you have a cute little guy like Dexter you want to show off?? Head over to Ladybug's Teacher Files and check out her linky party!! :)

Dr. Seuss Day 5

On Friday we celebrated our last day of Dr. Seuss fun by having a pajama day! We read The Sleep Book. We also read Tiger Can't Sleep and compared and contrasted the two stories with a class venn diagram. Unfortantely, I forgot to take a picture of it! They had some wonderful respsonses though!! We had a "slumber party" and ate popcorn and chips while we watched Horton Hears A Who, The Butter Battle, Daisy Head Mayzie, and Horton Hatches The Egg. We completed the cute Horton writing activity that you can find at Finally in First. We also made a snazzy snack in honor of The Cat in The Hat.


Dr. Seuss Day 4

For day 4 of our Dr. Seuss fun we had a crazy sock day and read Fox in Socks. We worked with rhyming words. We also completed a class graph about who wore crazy socks and analyzed our data. We read The Foot Book and discussed antonyms. This idea came from Cara at The First Grade Parade.

Check out these CrAzY socks!!

Our Seuss activities were somewhat cut short today due to spring and group pictures. We also got our pizza party we were rewarded with for having the most phone books turned in for a contest that the local phone company, Twin Lakes, recently held.


Dr. Seuss Day 3

Today we wore red and white and walked the halls sporting hats like the Cat in the Hat. One of my little cuties exclaimed that "I'm really digging these hats Miss Delk. I thought at first I was going to be allergic to it but I was in luck it really suits me. I feel comfortable in it!" haha  They say the funniest things! :)

 On a side note this very same cutie had his shirt in a bind and had his arm stretched every which a way and was making a terribly funny face right in the middle of our phonics lesson today which totally had everyone's attention on him instead of the lesson. I asked what are you doing and he said "my wife beater is a bothering me!" I said "wife beater?" He said "yeah you know my wife beater." I played clueless and said I'm sorry I don't know what your talking about and one of my other kids chimed in and said "oh well wife beater is just a fancy name for a shirt with no sleeves!" HAHAHA 

Back to things Seussical.....Thanks to my mom for supplying us with the hats! :) Moms are the best!

One of my kiddos read us The Cat in the Hat and we also read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

We discussed real and fantasy and talked about things that cats can really do in real life and what the Cat in the Hat did in the stories was fantasy.

We made a list of _at words.

We read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and completed the gold fish graphing and tally chart activity that you can find on What The Teacher Wants.
Students then used the goldfish to complete an addition problem in a fishbowl. Thanks to April Larremore for sharing the pattern. I changed it a little so we could add three single digit numbers. (this is one of our standards!:) )

Here is a finished product..

We also read Wacky Wednesday and did the Wacky Wednesday game that you can find at Primary Perspective 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!! The kids sure are enjoying celebrating for you!!

This little cutie patootie was waiting anxiously on me when I got home. Isn't he just the cutest thing ever???? I could totally sap him up with a biscuit! LOVE HIM!!!! :)  Happy Wednesday Night blog friends! It's ALMOST FRIDAY! :)


Accessory Swap Linky Party!!

I came home today to find that the mailman had left me a goodie package!!! I received my package from my accessory swap partner Liz. She sent me some great items!! I was super excited! Thanks so much Liz for being an awesome swap partner and for all these wonderful items!!! You did toooo much girl!

Here is a pic of my goodies!!!! I was excited! I just had a premier jewelry party a couple weeks ago and my jewelry from it came in this week as well. So in addition to those boxes on the table I now have my new stuff from my swap partner. Eric asked tonight if we were opening a jewelry store that he didn't know about! haha

I can't wait to see what everyone else got! I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have! Thanks again for swapping!! Check back soon for another swap!!! :)

Link up and show off your accessories right here!


Dr. Seuss Day 2

Today we had a hat day and read The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.

After reading The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins we discussed Nouns. We named nouns from the story and I wrote the responses down on hats. I then passed out the hats to students and they had to tell the class what their noun was and what category it went in.

Students then made a noun book. Each page was labeled with either person, place, or thing and students had to list nouns that went in that category.


Dr. Seuss Day 1

This week I am doing a dress up day for each week. Monday was wear green day. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take a picture of everyone in their green. We made a class graph of who wore green then analyzed our wear green day data. We read the book "Green Eggs and Ham." We discussed green foods. They come up with some awesome foods that are green! Spinach, celery, broccoli, guacamole, green olives, green onions, pears, and pickles to name a few of our very long list!

Students each made a Cat in the Hat for our bulletin board.

And one student brought in a cake in honor of Dr. Suess' Birthday. Although they couldn't remember whose Birthday we were celebrating this week so the cake read "THAT GUY!" HAHA  Classic!