Looking for Ideas for Next Year...

Hey blog buddies! Tomorrow we have an abbreviated day and then I'm on summer break!! WAHOO!! Is it totally CRAZY that my mind is already thinking about next year and my new group of little kiddies that I will be welcoming in next school year??? Because that is EXACTLY what I am doing! haha
I am considering grouping my kids in groups of 4... and naming the groups. Has anyone else done this in first and been successful with it??? Any pros/cons?? One of the second grade teachers at my school does and she likes it.... however she doesn't do it until after Christmas. I was wanting to start out with it. She names her groups based on what they are learning.... for example if it's shapes then she might have a pyramid group, a cube group, etc. Thought it was a cute idea of naming them. She even has them little group competitions sometimes. So I'm liking the idea of groups.. just wondering if it would be good in first or not.

Also.... I am wanting to tackle centers next year. If anyone has any good center ideas or routines, etc I would LOVE to hear them!!!
On a side note the month of May has been very good to me! I graduated and got my Master of Arts degree in Instructional Leadership! AND got tenure!! whoot whoot!!!!!!!!!!  I also had a VERY successful yard sale last weekend with my gal pal Steph.
Happy almost weekend...


Pour Some Summer On Me Blog Swap!!

Aly at Analyze This is having an awesome blog swap called "Pour Some Summer On Me." For this swap you must purchase summer themed items with a spending amount of $25 (not including shipping). Some ideas include, but are not limited to: flip flops, beach towel, sun tan lotion, magazines, cocktail glasses, sunglasses, nail polish, etc, etc, etc!!! Sounds fun, right!!?? Who wouldn't love coming home to a package filled with any of those goodies???

The sign-ups end today so if you are interested hop on over to her awesome blog right this second and get yourself signed up...before it's too late!! The partners will be revealed tomorrow May 18th! I can hardly wait to "meet" my swap partner!!!!


I Made Something!!!!

It is my goal to have a super bright and colorful classroom next year! I have bought a ton of the poppin' patterns items from Creative Teaching Press to help add a ton of color to my room next year! I've been laminating the new goodies like crazy and can't wait to get it all up!!!

 In my quest to make my room poppin' with color I made a little something....

to hold my cap erasers in that my firsties go through like crazy!! The S on the end didn't show up too good in the pic. I plan to make more of these for different things.. pencils, etc! But I didn't have has many stickers in my scrapbooking stuff as I thought. So whatcha think??


End of Year Fun Ideas

Hey, Hey!! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! We are down to 8 days left of school until sUmMeR vAcAtIoN!!!! whoot whoot!!! This time of year is so busy and hectic it is hard to get a whole lot done... well it is for me anyways! We are winding down and have finished almost everything which gives us more time to do FUN stuff! :) Here are a few FUN end of the year activities that I plan to do with my kiddos.

**Game Day-- Invite students to bring a family friendly board game or card game to school to share with the class. Allow students to take turns playing each game in groups by rotating until everyone has had a chance to play each game. To add a fun educational twist to it record data to show results of the games or have students vote on which game was their favorite and then make a class graph and analyze that data.

**Book Swap Day-- Invite students to bring up to 5 old story books to school for a book swap! Students will go home with the number of books they brought to the swap...except they will be "new to you!" This is a wonderful way to encourage summer reading and what better way to do it then by getting "new to you" books that are FREE! :)
CLICK HERE for the documents I made that I plan to send home explaining both of these fun days! :)

**Mrs. Buckley at Diary of a First Grade Teacher has a super duper cutesy autograph book for firsties that I printed and copied today! I plan on letting my kiddos do this one day as well. I think it will be a wonderful keepsake for them to remember their first grade pals with! Thanks for sharing Mrs. Buckley! And if you haven't checked it out.. YOU...MUST...GO.. NOW! :)

What end of the year fun do you plan on doing with your kiddos???



First Grade Funny...

Today we got our yearbooks. This afternoon I let the kids look through them a few minutes before dismissal and one of my little cuties came up to me and said "That's an awful sexy pose you made in your picture Miss Delk!" I said what!? She said I like your sexy picture in the yearbook... it looks good! haha  Then she goes on to say "guys..turn to the teacher page and find Miss Delk.. she is waaay sexy in this picture!" HAHAHA