Fun with Penguins

Over the past couple of weeks we have learned all about penguins!  Here is a peek at what we have been up to lately....

We made these penguins for the hallway bulletin board.. You can find these along with a ton of other penguin activities in my "It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun" unit in my TPT store.

We made a tasty penguin treat..

We learned what penguins can/have/are... ignore my handwriting please!!

We learned what penguins eat and what some of the dangers are to penguins...

We labeled the parts of the penguin... Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies has a wonderful penguin labeling freebie that my students used to label the parts of a penguin.


We read a ton of non-fiction books about  penguins. We wrote penguin facts that we learned from the books. The penguin facts was originally intended to go on the belly of our penguin for the bulletin this little guy...

BUT.... we made them early, early before we actually had learned very much about penguins... so this was the alternate version.....

We made a sweet Cara inspired schema/new learning/misconceptions chart...

And we completed  some other things that I failed to snap a pic of...BOO! :( 

Here is a pinterest inspired project I made over the weekend for my desk.. cute, huh?

That's all I got for tonight sweet friends! 


Love to Joplin

 Sweet Mrs. Wills recently received a heartwarming e-mail from a teacher who teaches in Joplin. Mrs. Wills had a wonderful idea to help lift the spirits of teachers who teach in Joplin. I just emailed some  goodies I have in my TpT store to Erica and you can too! Find out more about this and and how you can help by clicking the heart below.


An Award

I'm a just little late with this post, but two sweet gals passed along The Versatile Blogger Award to me! I'm just super excited anyone is even reading this thing!! So a big thank you to Chrissy and Vickie for following along and reading about my adventures in first grade and for the award! :)

The Versatile Blogger Award rules:
#1- Thank the person who nominated you with a link back to them. Thanks to both of the ladies mentioned above! Be sure to go check out their blogs! :)

#2- Tell 7 things about yourself

Ok... here goes.. in no particular order..

1. I am an only child.

2. I am addicted to blog stalking...and Pinterest. I find all of these *amazing* ideas and immediately feel like I need to go do of them in my class right that second! Unfortunately, I have found it isn't possible...bummer, right? If someone out there knows how to do all those amazing ideas.. plus everything else I have to teach each day, please let me know!!

3. I LOVE {big time love} my sweet guys.. Eric and Dexter Dog. I'm a pretty lucky gal to have them! :)    
4. I love to travel!!

5. My guilty pleasure is reality tv... Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & Atlanta, Keeping up with the Kardashians, etc..... And yes call me a bit crazy but I was pretty sad that Vinny left the shore... that's how much I tune in! ha

6. I'm a Young and the Restless junkie... I totally DVR it... and it gets worse... I read spoilers about the show. yeah.. I'm lame! I know!

7. I love to cook!! And not to toot my horn or anything... but I'm starting to get pretty dog gone good at it.. well I think so anyways. haha

#3- Pass this award on to 12 other newly discovered blogs and let them 
know they received an award. Some are newly discovered.. but some are just oldies that I have been following for awhile, but definitely goodies that you need to check out!! :)