Three Little Pigs

To continue with the Fairy Tale unit we read two versions of the Three Little Pigs and compared them using a Venn Diagram.
The Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

CLICK HERE for a copy of the venn diagram sheets students used.
Students imagined they were one of the pigs from the story and decided what they would have built their house out of if they were in the story. They drew a picture of their house and then they had to measure it and write how many inches tall it was. Students were pretty creative with their responses. Some built their house out of plastic, one built theirs out of milk jugs, another choose money, and one even built it out of butter! haha

CLICK HERE for the document they included at the bottom of their drawing.


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Emily said...

I love James Marshall! I have used many of his books for comparing and contrasting activities!