Dr. Seuss Day 3

Today we wore red and white and walked the halls sporting hats like the Cat in the Hat. One of my little cuties exclaimed that "I'm really digging these hats Miss Delk. I thought at first I was going to be allergic to it but I was in luck it really suits me. I feel comfortable in it!" haha  They say the funniest things! :)

 On a side note this very same cutie had his shirt in a bind and had his arm stretched every which a way and was making a terribly funny face right in the middle of our phonics lesson today which totally had everyone's attention on him instead of the lesson. I asked what are you doing and he said "my wife beater is a bothering me!" I said "wife beater?" He said "yeah you know my wife beater." I played clueless and said I'm sorry I don't know what your talking about and one of my other kids chimed in and said "oh well wife beater is just a fancy name for a shirt with no sleeves!" HAHAHA 

Back to things Seussical.....Thanks to my mom for supplying us with the hats! :) Moms are the best!

One of my kiddos read us The Cat in the Hat and we also read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

We discussed real and fantasy and talked about things that cats can really do in real life and what the Cat in the Hat did in the stories was fantasy.

We made a list of _at words.

We read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and completed the gold fish graphing and tally chart activity that you can find on What The Teacher Wants.
Students then used the goldfish to complete an addition problem in a fishbowl. Thanks to April Larremore for sharing the pattern. I changed it a little so we could add three single digit numbers. (this is one of our standards!:) )

Here is a finished product..

We also read Wacky Wednesday and did the Wacky Wednesday game that you can find at Primary Perspective 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!! The kids sure are enjoying celebrating for you!!

This little cutie patootie was waiting anxiously on me when I got home. Isn't he just the cutest thing ever???? I could totally sap him up with a biscuit! LOVE HIM!!!! :)  Happy Wednesday Night blog friends! It's ALMOST FRIDAY! :)



Sharon said...

Looks like fun!

Jennifer said...

Your dog is an EXACT clone of mine, except mine is a girl! I saw this and did a double take. Is yours a Yorki Poo too?

Elisabeth said...

Yep! Little Dexter is a Yorkie Poo. Aren't they just the best little things ever??? He is such a day brightener and brings me such enjoyment! :)

Jennifer said...

Where did you get yours from? They are the sweetest little dogs! You didn't get yours in TN did you? My dog looks so much like yours I wonder if they were litter mates? I know that is a silly question, but if you saw a picture of my dog you would see that they look like twins :)

Elisabeth said...

I got Dexter from a lady in Livingston, Tennesse! Did yours come from Tennessee too? Would love to see a picture of yours! I couldn't imagine not having him around.... He is so sweet and funny! haha

Mrs. Saoud said...

Hello Elisabeth. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Can you email me? I have some HM resources available from 1st grade.


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