It Looked Like Spilt Milk

Happy Monday! Well my cloud post is a couple days late.. better late than never right? We were busy beavers this weekend with a cookout on Friday night.. and Saturday was E's birthday, so we spent the day together in Nashville shopping and went out to eat. We also enjoyed some tasty Gigi's cupcakes! Yum! Nothing says happy birthday like a Gigi's cupcake! We had a good weekend...and I sure wasn't ready for Monday to roll around.

Now for all things clouds....

We began learning about clouds by reading this little book..

We then discussed the three main types of clouds and made this chart...

Next, we read this book....

And completed this too cute activity from Made For 1st Grade.

This one looked like me! Spitting image! :)

We made these cloud flip books. This cute idea came from Anna Brantley.

This next activity was pinterest inspired. We discussed that when clouds get heavy with water it rains.

We also learned all about the water cycle.. Thanks to Brainpop, Jr. :) No photos for this though.

Well, that's all I got for tonight friendsw. 

Fun On Zuckerman's Farm {A Charlotte's Web Companion Pack}

Hey, Hey! Long time no blog! Gosh I have been t-totally busy it seems like lately. Bus duty..eeew.. state testing..bigger eeew... after school tutoring..field trip to the movies.. went to a Dr. Jean inservice.. track and field day.. and the list goes on and on. And well really, we just haven't had the time to do anything blog worthy! I'm coming down with a major case of summeritus. Is this happening to anyone else?? I'm running out of gas for this year and longing for those summer days home with Dexter!!! :)

We have finished almost everything for the year and I've been trying to plan for the rest of the year. I've been working on a project for my kiddos to work on in May and finally after having little extra time and computer difficulties, I got it finished!! One of my absolute favorite chapter books as a child was Charlotte's Web. I can remember reading it at my granny and pa's in the summertime. And I still have my original book and VHS tape! haha  I thought what fun it would be to read this with my firsties and complete some activities to  go along with it, as well as learn about farm animals at the same time. So, I set out on a mission to complete a pack of activities to go with the book. And, well, a month or two later working on it a little here and a little there I finally finished it! 

I just uploaded my newest pack to my TpT store! Fun on Zuckerman's Farm{A Charlotte's Web Companion Pack} In this pack you will get the following:

·      -Spiders, Pigs, Sheep, Roosters, Chickens and Cows can/have/are sheets and chart cards
·      -Zuckerman’s Farm Friends ABC Order center activity
·      -My Little Book of Vocabulary words from Charlotte’s web
·      -22 Chapter Summary Sheets
·      -8 Story question sheets for Chapters 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18, 19-20, 21-22
·     - Zuckerman’s Farm Friends Word Search
·     - Zuckerman’s Farm Friends Syllable Sort center activity
·      -Zuckerman’s Farm Friends Number Sentence Sort Center Activity
·      -4 Acrostic Poem Sheets- Wilbur, Charlotte, Templeton, and Fern
·     - Zuckerman’s Farm Friends graphing center activity
·      -Story Map
·      -Book Report sheet
·      -Character Comparison Venn Diagram
·      -Book/Movie Comparison Venn Diagram
·      - Fair Food Bubble Map
·      -Craft Patterns- Wilbur, Charlotte with web, Duck, Goose, Templeton, Cow, Sheep and Barn

I would love to give the first person to comment a free copy! Don't forget to leave your email! 
In other news, we have been learning about clouds this week... I will *try* to be back tomorrow with a little bitty cloud post with some pics. :)  
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Yay for the weekend!!!!!!


How-To Writing Pack!

Happy Easter bloggy friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful day!! I just posted my newest little pack to my TpT store.... and I am very excited to tell you about it, because it is something I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do with my kiddos! 

Want to turn your students into how-to writing whizzes? Then let me introduce you to my little How-To Writing pack!

 This How-To Writing Pack is filled with 22 how-to writing sheets, 9 corresponding craftivities, 2 thinking maps(a how-to brace map and a how-to bubble map) and a mini How-To Writing poster. Plus there is two example sheets of how to complete the how-to brace map and how-to bubble map. 

The following How-To Writing Sheets are included in this pack!

-How to Fly a Kite (with corresponding craft pattern)

-How to Build a Snowman (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Build a Sand Castle (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Carve a Jack o' Lantern (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Catch a Turkey (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Bake Cupcakes (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Catch a Leprechaun (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae (with corresponding craft pattern)
-How to Catch a Butterfly (with corresponding craft pattern)

-How to Build a Tree House
-How to Brush your Teeth
-How to Make a Sandwich
-How to Plant a Garden
-How to Plant a Flower Seed
-How to Make a Valentine Card
-How to Make Hot Chocolate
-How to Tie your Shoes
-How to Make Pumpkin Pie
-How to Grow a Pumpkin
-How to Make Apple Sauce
-How to Make your Bed
-How to Make a Pizza

I would love to give the first person who comments a copy of this pack! :) Don't forget to leave your email!


What We Have Been Up To Lately...

I don't know about you all but I am super excited for a short week and a 3 day weekend! The weather has been beautiful and warm here in Tennessee which has me chomping at the bits for summer break. We have been knee deep in all things spring in our little first grade room. Here is a little peek at some of things we have been up to lately...

My April hallway bulletin board. We did my chick from my Hippity, Hoppity Easter Fun unit and then I combined my Easter Bunny application from the same unit with Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher's cute bunny. I think they turned out precious!

We planted some flowers last week. I plan on wrapping these in some colorful tissue and adding a bow and then sending these home as one of our Mother's Day gifts. The kids were excited to come in this morning to see how much they grew over the weekend.

We have also been completing a bean experiment...and recording our observations each day.

We have been learning about plants and made these too cute flowers that I also made with  my last year kiddos.. these were inspired by Mrs. Lee. I heart them!!!!

That's all I got for tonight friends!!