Bubble Gum Words {A Fry Words Fluency Building Program Giveaway}

Hi! Happy Wednesday! I'm popping in today because it's day 18 of the new school year and I've already had one of my sweet firsties learn ALL 1,000 of Bubble Gum Words (Fry Words) and I'm so proud!!! So I thought I would do a blog post to tell you about how Bubble Gum Words work in my first grade classroom and why my kids get so excited to learn these words.

Here is my display in my classroom. Each student has a gum ball machine that they color/decorate and I hang up. 
Each student starts out on the 1st sheet of 100 words. I print these on different colors. For example the first sheet might be yellow, second sheet might be green, third sheet might be orange and so on. I add these to their BEAR Books (take home binders) so they can practice at home in their spare time.
 Students learn these words at their own pace. Some move faster than others. 
When students know a list of words inside and out, forwards and backwards, standing on one foot hopping with one eye closed (ha!) they get a hole punch for that list and then can move on to the next list on that sheet.
If along the way they miss a word, I simply circle it to show parents that they need to study that word and this lets me know which words in that list they need to be asked again so they don't keep telling me already mastered words.
When they get the word right I put a check mark in the circle so parents as well as myself know that word as now been mastered.

And once all five lists on the sheet has been mastered they will color in a gum ball in their machine and they earn a piece of bubble gum!!! They love this! I will then add the next sheet of 100 words.

They love twisting the knob and watching the gum come down! So exciting!
And when they master all of the words I give them a certificate.

They will then move on to Bubble Gum Phrases! The Bubble Gum Phrases program works just like the words. Students have a gum ball machine and begin on sheet 1 and work their way through all of the sheets learning all of the Fry Phrases and earning bubble gum along the way. 

 I've never had a sweetie learn them as quickly as this little gal did, but I'm so proud of her and excited for her to start on the phrases next! My students get so excited about learning their Bubble Gum Words and are always asking if they can read them. I love their love for learning.... and bubble gum! ;)

I would love to give one lucky blog reader/follower my Bubble Gum Words and Phrases packs to use with your students, as well as a gum ball machine with a some packs of gum balls to get you started!!! 
Enter for a chance to win below! 

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First Week Fun!

Hi friends! I finished my first full week back of year #10 this past week. I have 14 sweet, new firsties this year and I'm looking forward to a great year with them. 

We made this guess whoo owl the first day. They turned out super cute! You can find this craftivity HERE.

I also gave them these brownies as a first day of school snack... When I saw these I just knew I had to do something with them since I have a camping/woodland theme classroom. You can grab the tags as a freebie HERE! :)

I also gave these to my students on the first day. This keeps students busy the first part of the morning while I sort through supplies and paperwork and meet with parents. You can find these adorable tags at Around the Kampfire

We hit the ground running in math this week with numbers to 10.

We read the book 10 Black Dots and students created something using dots. I found this adorable idea and freebie at School is a Happy Place.

Well friends that's all I have for now! If you are back to school I hope your year is off to a great start! If you are not back yet... enjoy what's left of your summer. It flies by so quickly!