Merry Christmas To You!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!! May your holiday be filled with lots of love, laughter, blessings, family, and friends!

We couldn't decide on one card... so we went with two! ha




Polar Express Day & Other Christmas Fun

Hey, Hey! Just popping in to share with you some pics from our Polar Express Day. Monday, was our last full day before Christmas break and we had our Polar Express Day. We did rotations with Kindergarten, and each teacher had a different activity at their stop on the Polar Express. At my stop we played some snowman games.... we played pin the nose on the snowman {idea from here} and worked in groups to to turn our classmates into a snowman. 





My door....we found the idea last year online, but the link is dead to give credit. sorry!


One of the Kidnergarten teachers door.

The other three rotations consisted of making a Christmas tree snack, making a snowflake ornament, and magic reindeer food. Since I can't be two places at once, I have no pics to share of any of this. Sorry! :(

After we finished our rotations we watched the movie, enjoyed hot cocoa and some yummy doughnuts and cookies!


And here are some this and that pics of what we've been up to.....


Reindeer hand print ornament


This pic won't upload straight for some reason.. Santa hand print ornament


Reindeer snazzy snack


Our classroom tree!

What Zack the elf has been up to....


He got into the stamps and left us a message!


He colored a picture of an Elf.


He listened to Pete the Cat in the listening center.


He broke into the gummy bear jar by my desk... on this day I accidentally knocked him over!!!! EEK! The kids were so upset and afraid he had lost his magic... but one little sweetie reminded everyone that Miss Elisabeth didn't mean to touch him (knock him over) and that he only loses his magic if someone means to touch him. :) This same little sweetie told me not to worry. Precious!!


The next day our Elf was found writing a tattle to the tattle monster telling on Miss Elisabeth for knocking him over! haha

There were a few more days that I forgot to take a pic of...... He also got into a marshmallow fight, played a board game, and played with the exercise dice with some of his stuffed animal friends. Zack will be missed, but he will be back next year!

And last but not least, here is a pic of the pinterest inspired gift I made for some of my teacher pals. :)


Well that's all I got for now... I hope everyone is having a great week!!


Holly Jolly Fun & Zack the Elf

Ok, so I **think** I've finally figured out a solution to my picture problems that I've been having on blogger! I hope anyways! Now I can finally share with you some pics from my newest unit, Holly Jolly Fun!

Here are some pics of the crafts you will get in this unit....


Elf Friends

Gingerbread Friends

Rudy the Reindeer

We have been busy this week... We made the Santa and Elf Friends from this unit! :)


You can check this unit out by clicking the pic below.


I would love to give the first person to comment this unit for.. free! :) Don't forget to leave me your email address!

I'm excited to share some pics of Zack, our Elf friend with you!


Zack got in a fuzzy fight with The Cat in the Hat


He played Leggos with some of his friends...


He surprised us one day with candy canes...


And he broke into the snack box.

We can't wait to see what he will get into next!

Well that's all I got for tonight. I hope everyone has a great Thursday tomorrow!


Elf Friend & Holly Jolly Fun!

Hey blog friends! Just popping in to tell you about our new little Elf friend that arrived in our classroom this past Thursday! Santa sent us an Elf that was waiting in the Christmas tree with a special letter and the book! The kids were so excited to have an Elf friend visiting. We did a little class vote for a name and Zack was the winning name. They couldn't wait to see where he would be when we got to school today. They came in to a sweet treat... Zack had left everyone a candy cane on their desk. So far he hasn't been into any mischief... but I expect he will soon! :)

I have pictures of our Elf I was going to post.... however when I went to upload them I got the following message:
"Whoops! You're out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos." 

Has this happened to anyone else?? How do I fix this problem??????

I also wanted to tell you about my newest unit in my TpT store, Holly Jolly Fun!

You will get the following in this 104 page unit!
-Santa crafativity pattern
-If I Were Santa writing sheet
-Elf Friends craftivity pattern 
-If I were an Elf writing sheet
-Elf coin match center activity with recording sheet
-Holly Jolly Fun ABC Order center activity with recording sheet
-Holly Jolly Fun with Rhyming Words center activity with recording sheet
-Holly Jolly Graphing center activity and recording sheets
-Holly Jolly Sentence Scramble center activity and recording sheet
-Holly Jolly Addition Fun center activity and recording sheet
-Holly Jolly Antonyms center activity and recording sheet
-Choo Choo Train Missing Numbers center activity and recording sheet
-Candy Cane Making Words center activity and recording sheet
-Hot Chocolate Making Words center activity and recording sheet
-Santa Acrostic Poem
-Candy Cane Adjectives sheet
-Candy Cane Five Senses sheet
-Holly Jolly Roll a Number center math game
-Christmas Traditions writing sheet
-Rudy the Reindeer craftivity pattern
-If I Were a Reindeer writing sheet
-Gingerbread girl/boy craftivity pattern
-If I were a gingerbread boy writing sheet
-If I were a gingerbread girl writing sheet 

I have pics of the cuties crafts that I was wanting to show you........however Blogger won't let me upload pics! :(  PLEASE HELP!!??

Hope everyone had a great week! Yay for the weekend! :)


Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale!

I'm joining some fabulous bloggers and throwing a sale in my little TpT shop! Everything will be 20% off in my shop on Monday and Tuesday. Don't forget to use the code CMT12 for and extra 10% off!

I'm borrowing Amy's too cute image! THANKS! 

I hope your ready to get your shop on! I know I am! :)


Turkey Mania!

Hi blog friends! One more day until I'm off for Thanksgiving break! Whoo hoo! I thought I'd pop in and share with you what we have been up to lately... TURKEY style! We have been working on all things turkey! Here is a little peek of some of the things we have done lately.....

 I got the inspiration for this too cute turkey craft at Happy Home Fairy.

We read All About Turkeys by Jim Arnosky and then completed a can/have/are chart and wrote down some turkey facts that we learned after reading the book.

Students completed a How to Catch a Turkey writing craftivity. You can find this activity and pattern in my Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! {A Feast of Thanksgiving Fun!} unit  and also in my How-To Writing Pack!

I made these toilet paper roll turkeys with my after school kids.

And we made these cute little turkey hats to wear to our Thanksgiving dinner at school. 

Well that's all I got for tonight! Yay for a short week! :)


Pilgrims and Indians... And this and that!

Hi blog friends! Halloween has come and gone and we have moved on to some Thanksgiving themed fun! Today we read some books about the first Thanksgiving and made Pilgrims and Indians for the hallway bulletin board.

Students wrote what it would be like if they were pilgrim boys and girls. They wrote some of the cutest and funniest things. Here are a few...
"I would eat corn."
"I would ride a horse."
"I would share with the Indians."
"I would go fishing."
"I would practice shooting."
"I would play outside."
"I would catch a turkey."

I have finally finished and uploaded my updated Thanksgiving unit... Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! A Feast of Thanksgiving Fun! The unit doubled in size and there are a bunch of new activities and crafts that I have added! :)

This is what you will get in this unit:
-Suggested Books 
-Classroom Cooking Butter in a Jar 
-Classroom Cooking Pumpkin Pie recipe/class graph activity 
-Venn Diagram to compare children today to pilgrim children 
-Venn Diagram to compare the first Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving today 
-Pilgrims can/have/are sheet
-Turkeys can/have/are sheet
-Indians can/have/are sheet
-How to Cook a Turkey 
-How to Catch a Turkey 
-Turkey craftivity pattern
-Paper Plate Turkey pattern 
-Pilgrim Girl/Boy pattern & writing sheets
-Indian Boy/Girl pattern and writing sheets
-Scarecrow craft pattern
-Mayflower craftivity
-Indian Corn Pattern 
-Thanksgiving Making Words center activity and recording sheet
-Thanksgiving Fun read the room activity and recording sheet
-Thanksgiving Fun ABC Order center activity and recording sheet
-Thanksgiving 1 More/1 Less Number Fun center activity and recording sheet
-Thanksgiving Syllable Sort center activity and recording sheet
-Thanksgiving Acrostic poem writing paper
-Thanksgiving writing paper
-Thanksgiving Fact & Opinion activity

You can check this unit out in my TpT shop!

and if you already have this unit go back and re-download the new, updated version for free! :)


This week we had our own little election. We first talked about both candidates and what we knew about them. Then we discussed what a secret ballot was and made voter registration cards. Students took turns bringing me their voter cards and then casting their votes!

We used a too cute election freebie that I found at Teacher to the Core for our ballots!

When the votes were tallied... President Obama won 10 to 6.

And this week our 5th-8th grades put on a Veteran's Day program for the students and for some special Veterans we had visiting our school. We made these to display. I found the cute heart craft at The Sharpened Pencil.

Don't you like how this little cutie spelling "Country?" :)


And my sweet little Dexter dog turned 3!!! He is growing up so fast! HA

I made home made dog treats for his birthday! I found the recipe on pinterest... he loved them! :)

Well that's all I got for tonight! If you have hung in there this long and made it to the end of this long post, I'd love to give the first person to comment my Thanksgiving unit! :) Don't forget to leave your email! :)

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY!