Nice Boots Miss Delk

Today at school I was flooded with compliments from my first grade cuties... and even some other kids throughout the school. Why, you ask?? Because of these little babies right here.....

Nothing better than a little Hello Kitty with a side of rain boot! ha
Cute huh? The girls.. even some boys.. were flooding me with compliments today! (it's a good thing I was wearing my rain boots for the flood! :) ) One little cutie said "do you know whose lookin' pretty cute today"?? YOU! HAHA  Made me feel all kinds of good!

My gal pal Stephanie brought me these yesterday just because! Talk about making my day..and my whole week! There are few genuinely good people in the world and I'm glad that I have one that I can call my best friend! :) 

On a side note........

I have a ton of "schoolish" things that I'm dying to post...however my computer is getting a little face lift since it was freaking out a bit earlier in the month. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon!

Happy Wednesday blog buddies!! It's almost Friday!!!..... and me and Mr. E have a date with Louisville this weekend!



= said...

awwww i love you too!! glad you like the boots!! :)

Kim said...

Cute boots! Good luck with your computer!

Erica Bohrer said...

I love the boots. Hunter boots are all the rage in NY but I cannot find a pair to fit me right. I think my students would find these way cuter.

Erica Bohrer's First Grade