Dig it Up Dinosaur Eggs Review and A BIG Giveaway!!

One of our reading basal stories we read is called The Big Circle. Since this story is about dinosaurs,  I thought it would be great to get these Dig It up Dinosaur Eggs from Mindware Toys. However, the week that this story fell on I ended up having to miss a few days and we didn't get around to doing them. Sad city!

These were too darn good to wait until next year to use, so I decided to use them with my 1st and 2nd grade after school program students. We spent about a month on this project since I only see them two days a week. First, we excavated the dinosaur from the egg. Whichever dinosaur they got was the dinosaur they would research in the computer lab. Then we spent some time in the computer lab researching the dinosaur. Lastly, each student took turns presenting their reports and telling us the cool dino facts they learned about their dinosaur. They loved this project and had so much fun learning all about dinosaurs.

The super cute writing paper is from Abby's Dino Centers pack. Her pack is the perfect addition to your dino learning fun! :)

I would highly recommend the Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs to fellow teachers! Each box comes with 12 individually wrapped 3" clay eggs with instructions and chiseling tool for each egg. Every egg contains a different dinosaur which was perfect for our reports, because this allowed for us to learn about a variety of dinosaurs. Plus it made it so simple on who was going to do what dinosaur rather than everyone wanting to do it over the T-Rex for example. The box also comes with an excavation guidebook. Mindware even offers a FREE lesson plan HERE!! The excavating was simple... all you need to do is soak the egg in water and then carefully chisel away the shell to excavate the dinosaur inside. The kids went nuts when they began to see their dinosaur. And they felt like theirs was extra special because everyone had something different.

These were perfect to use for reports and they loved the mystery behind which dinosaur they would get and absolutely could not wait to see which dinosaur they got. My after school students would see me in the hallway during the day and say "hey Miss Elisabeth do we have you today!?" "We want to work on our dinosaur reports." I was so happy to see them get so excited about learning and doing these research projects. I know it was all because of their total excitement of excavating the dinosaur from the super cool eggs. They really loved this project and I know your students will too! I will definitely have to do this project again! SO MUCH FUN!!

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This review of the Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs from Mindware Toys is based strictly on my opinion. I was provided the sample free of charge by the company to provide my honest review. No other type of compensation was received. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Gingerbread Week!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I've been such a slacker pants lately on my blogging. I must do better!  So, I wanted to pop in today to share with you some of the things we did during our Gingerbread week! 

We made Gingerbread boys and girls and imagined we were the real gingerbread boy or girl and wrote about what we would do. I think the little sweetie below has a great idea!!! :)

We ate some yummy gingerbread cookies for snack and made a quick little graph to see which part we bit first. The arm was apparently the tastiest part to bite first! HA This idea came from Deanna's Gingerbread unit.
I told my students that I just couldn't understand why the Gingerbread man just didn't swim across the river instead of hitching a ride on the fox's back. So we decided to do a little experiment to see what would happen if the gingerbread man tried to cross the river. They were very clever with their predictions! :) I found this great recording sheet here

We read several different versions this week. Students wrote which version was their favorite and had to explain why. I loved this little sweetie's thinking! :)
We compared and contrast the boy version of the story to the girl version.

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The craft, venn diagram, and favorite version writing paper are all included plus more! :)


Happy Birthday Sale! It's a BIG one!

Hey blog friends! I thought in honor of my 31st birthday (shhh don't tell anyone because I'm really 29! Ha!) that I would have a flash sale! Everything that is normally priced over $3.00 in my little tpt shop (including 2 bundles) is on sale for $3.10!!! Have a great weekend!