Happy New Year & Sale!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe this year has come and gone and tomorrow is a new year!! Time flies when you're having fun! :)  I hope to make some resolutions for the new year... and well actually keep them! HA I *really* need to get better at a little thing called organization! At school.. and at home.. well everywhere! I hope that I can get everything around me more organized and I already started with the storage room at home and it looks 50 times better! Thanks to E for the moral support and his helping hand. It also helps a girl when you have someone saying "why do you have that" and "get rid of that!" HA 

I also want to get better with starting and finishing something.. I'm the world's worse to start something.. get something else on mind.. quit working on whatever I started on.. and well go start on something else... and I end up having all sorts of things started and nothing finished! I'm all over the place! At home.. at school.. everywhere! HA  I always end up {most of the time} finishing the whatever it is I started.. but it just usually comes later. So hopefully this year I can do better with that as well!

I could go on and on about other things.. but I won't bore you with anymore! 

So friends, whatever your plans are for tonight and wherever the new year takes you I hope you enjoy it! I started this little thing called blogging a year ago today! I enjoy each and everyone of the blogs that I follow and get so many great ideas from all of you.. my teaching style has definitely spiced up since I jumped on the bloggin' waggon! :)

 To celebrate the new year and one year of blogging, I am having a sale in my TPT Store! Starting now through tomorrow you can get everything in my little TPT store for 20% off! Click the picture below to go my TPT store!

Happy, Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!!


Merry Christmas!

I can't believe that it's already Christmas Eve!! Where has this month gone.. better yet where has this year gone!? I'm fairly certain I blinked and the year was gone! I hope everyone is enjoying their time off.. although I miss sweet first grade kiddos I have really enjoyed being off on Christmas break. Although the first week has went by entirely WAY TOO fast, I did manage to catch up on my soaps, visit my sweet granny and pa, have a lunch date with one of my gal pals, finish a little last minute Christmas shopping for Mr. E, and do some holiday baking this week.... I have made sausage balls, peppermint patty candies, and today a pinterest inspired peanut butter reindeer cookie. :) 
I think Dexter knows Santa is coming... he has been trying to jump on the bed all evening.. I know he knows the quicker he goes to bed the quicker Santa will be here! :) HAHA (I know, I know.. he is a dog! HA)

Anyways, I just wanted to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and may your holiday be filled with lots of love and sweet blessings!


What We've Been Up To--- December Style!

Here is a peek at some of the things we have been up to in December. Although we only had a couple of weeks before Christmas break we still managed to get a ton of fun things done in addition to our other work. 

We read the book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert and completed several activities based around this book. We learned how to label a picture. (sorry for the terrible lighting and my dirty board.. I can't seem for the likes of me to get that darn thing clean!) Students completed a labeling sheet similar to this from The Mailbox. 

We also discussed cause and effect and completed a cause and effect activity using information from the story Snowballs. The cause and effect sheet can be found in my "It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun" unit.

We made these snowmen... I previously blogged about these. The pattern can be found in my "It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun" unit on TPT.

We completed a How to Build a Snowman activity and I positively adore how great they turned out!! The How to Build a Snowman sheet is from my "It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun" unit that you can find in my TPT store. The too cute snowman that the kids colored that I put with the writing sheet I found over at Miss Kindergarten.

We made a tasty Snazzy Snack! These are called "Santa Grahams" and was totally Pinterest inspired!!!!

We made reindeer hand print ornaments..

This one was Pinterest inspired..And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

We made Candy Cane ornaments using chenille stems and pony beads.. these are super easy and oh so cute!

Here is a pic of our cute little classroom tree... I failed to take one while it had all the sweet little presents under it.

And these popsicle stick ornaments are an old favorite of mine! I have made these every year since I've been teaching and got the idea from one that I actually made when I was in Kindergarten that my mom still had! We ran out of time and didn't get to do them this year. :( But I thought I'd share a picture in case you wanted to file the idea away for next year!

Well that's all I got for tonight sweet friends! Be sure to check out my "It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun" unit on TPT! It is full of activities that can be used all winter long!!


Polar Express Day Fun!

Yesterday, our Kindergarten and First Grade classes had a fun filled Polar Express Day as we took a magical journey to the North Pole!! Let me just start by saying I felt like I had been run over by the Polar Express by the end of the day! HA We did so many activities in one day.. needless to say we were all wore out! But it was all worth it to see their sweet, smiling faces, and hear their sweet little comments like "today has been the best day ever!" :) We transformed our rooms into stops and the kids rotated around as they rode the Polar Express down the hallway to each stop. Here are the pics of our doors and the train tracks. :)

Each stop had a different Polar Express themed activity. Students had their golden ticket and got it punched at each stop. We had the following activities for the kids to do... At stop number 1 the conductor read them The Polar Express and they made magic reindeer food. At stop number 2 they made a Polar Express keepsake ornament. At stop number 3 they made the TLC Polar Express Craft. And at stop number 4 they made a tasty Polar Express inspired train snack. After all of the classes had rode the Polar Express to all of the stops they made their final stop back to their original classrooms where we enjoyed hot chocolate, doughnuts, and watched the movie. There was a very special delivery straight from The North Pole that was delivered around 2 pm! Our package was still cold when it arrived!!! We anxiously opened our package to find that Santa himself had sent our class BELLS! They were never more excited to get anything than those frozen bells! Many shook the bells immediately and shouted "I can hear it, I can hear it!" and some asked "can you hear it Miss Delk?" They were all kinds of excited! Our day was a total success and I am so happy the kids enjoyed the day. Days like our Polar Express day and the joy that I saw on each child's face makes my job even more rewarding! :) I hope these kiddos will remember this day for many years to come and look back and think "wow, that was a great day!"

Here are a couple of pics of two of the activities that were completed...

TLC Polar Express Activity

Keepsake Ornament.. Students colored a train, cut it out, and placed it on a pre-cut circle. On the back there was a label that said Polar Express Day 2011 and students wrote their name on the back.

No picture of the Magical Reindeer Food.. but if you Google it you will get a ton of links to sites that have the recipe and printable tags. No picture of the graham cracker train snack we made but it was totally Pinterest inspired so you can find tons of pics on there of it!

Do you do a Polar Express Day with your kids?? If so, what is your day like? 

Happy Friday night sweet friends! I am officially on Christmas break and couldn't be more excited!!!! Me and Mr. E had a fun day trying to finish our Christmas shopping. :)


Snowman Fun & Ornaments

Well we officially dismissed early today due to snow for the first time this school year!! I love snow days.. even though it was only an hour and a half early and the snow didn't amount to much after we left... it was still nice! :)  The Kindergarten class next door must have really been excited about the snow and early dismissal because we could hear them through the wall while we were trying our best to finish our math before dismissing. One of my little sweeties calmly said "Geez Kindergarten, we are trying to learn in here!" HA  Too stinkin' precious!

Here is a little peek at a few things we have been up to lately....

We made these cutie snowmen ..

 You can find the pattern for the snowman along with tons of other fun, winter themed activities in my "It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun" unit that is for sale in my TPT store

We have been busy making ornaments for our classroom tree... the reindeer hand print was pinterest inspired!

And we made candy canes using half of a chenille stem and red and white pony beads.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... I've been busy! Between after school tutoring, my birthday (a dinner and a lunch), attending two Christmas parties, getting my oil changed, and Dexter groomed I haven't had a whole lot of extra free time to blog these past few days. On a side note I had a wonderful 26th birthday... Mr. E surprised me with a dinner date at Nick's. We had a delicious dinner and then ice cream pie! Yum! And I got a ton of wonderful, sweet gifts! I really felt loved! :)

My fingers are crossed for 2 hours late in the morning! This is totally wishful thinking on my part, because the snow we got earlier didn't amount to a thing! but...... I have been told that you can wear your pajama's inside out, flush ice cubes down the toilet, and put a spoon under your pillow to help bring the snow on... so I bet you can guess what I am off to do! :)

Happy Hump Day Friends... it's almost Friday!