Fun with Magic E!

We've been working our magic on CVC words recently in room 4! What kind of magic am I talking about?? Well the MAGIC E magic! We've been changing short vowels into long vowel sounds!

For this activity, I hand out some letter cards that make a word to students and have them come up to the front of the classroom. My special helper gets the job of being the magic e. To make the magic e a little more special I purchased a black cape and a light up wand at the Dollar Tree and a sparkly black top hat from Party City (It was in the 40th birthday section-I removed the 40 ha!). It's a super simple, yet fun way to add a fun little touch to this activity!

Student of the Week

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! I wanted to stop by the blog today and share with you something I've been doing in my classroom for several years now that I LOVE and have found super effective in helping me manage things. 

Each week in my camping themed classroom I have a Camper of the Week. This special student is featured in the hallway on my large camper display for everyone to learn about. The Camper of the Week is my special helper and line leader for the entire week. So no changing or keeping track of daily leaders/helpers. If a job/task requires more than one helper then the Camper of the Week gets to pick a friend... and they love picking a friend! Lots of times they want to pick someone to help out even if it is a one man job. They love to spread the Camper of the Week love and duties around! HA



Hidey! I wanted to stop by the blog tonight to share some data & graphing activities we did in room 4 this past spring and tell you about a new little pack that these activities are included in called 


Fox in Socks: Silly Sock Day!

Tuesday was a silly sock kinda day in first grade. We read Fox in Socks, wore silly socks, and worked with lots of rhyming words. Here is a peek at our day! 


The Sleep Book: Seuss Week Pajama Day 

Hi friends! This week we are celebrating Read Across America with lots of Dr. Seuss books. To kick off this week long event, on Monday we read The Sleep Book and wore our pajamas. It was a super comfy day, to say the least! :)

After we read the book, we did a little dreaming ourselves... we completed this super fun roll a silly dream writing activity and became authors!

Happy 100th Day! 

We celebrated the 100th day of school a couple weeks ago. This is always one of my most favorite days! It's jam packed with lots of fun, revolving around 100!

Anchor Charts Made Easy!

Hi friends! Happy Friday! I enjoyed another snow day today and we also had one this past Monday and two last week! So I've been able to be really productive these last two weeks. I've started a new little product line, called "Anchor Charts Made Easy." And I wanted to pop in tonight to tell you a little bit about them! If you are like me... you love anchor charts, but struggle with making them look great due to messing up the drawings or the handwriting or storing them once you have used them. I am the world's worst to throw anchor charts I've made on chart paper away, after I made them because they just aren't easy to store... and really once you have used them one year and stored them they don't look so hot when you go to pull them out the next year. So, I decided to whip up some simple, print and go anchor chart packs to help me out with this problem! These print and go anchor chart packs have color and black and white options {you can print on colored paper}, as well as some mini versions that are perfect for your focus walls or to put in student homework folders/binders to use as a reference tool. If you have a student who is really struggling with verbs, simply put the mini version in their take home binder as a reference tool to help them out with their homework, etc.

How to "Anchor Charts Made Easy" work? It's so EASY! All you do is pick the option that best suits {either printing in color or B/W} cut the pieces out, glue them to a poster board... and BOOM you have yourself an instant anchor chart that you can laminate and use year after year! I like using poster boards, instead of chart paper because they are much more durable and much easier to store. I get the 4 packs of colored poster boards at Wal-Mart to use for mine. The 4 packs have green, orange, yellow, and navy blue for $2.97. I also like to laminate mine for some extra durability. 

So far I have this print and go anchor chart packs for Nouns, VerbsAdjectives, Antonyms, Types of SentencesPronouns, Compound Words, 2D Shapes and 3D Shapes. AND I have MORE in the works that will be posted really soon so be on the outlook! :) Is there something certain you would like to see in my "Anchor Charts Made Easy" product line?? Shoot me a message and let me know!


Polar Express Day! 

Every year before we leave for Christmas break, we have a Polar Express Day. On this day, students come to school dressed in their pajamas with a stuffed animal, ready to embark on a magical journey! Kindergarten and 1st grade do this day together. Each teacher sets up an activity in their room and we rotate between classes. When students visit a new stop they get their ticket stamped. It really is such a magical day!

Hop on board and let me take you down a little memory lane from our 2017-2018 school year Polar Express Day!

My homeroom students entered the class to find their tickets waiting for them at their desks. We complete the first stop in our homeroom.

This year for my stop on the Polar Express, students were toy makers at Santa's workshop. I found these little color me puzzles at Hobby Lobby! 24 for $2.99 plus they were on sale! So I was able to score enough for every class at a very reasonable price! win, win! I set out markers and students colored their puzzles and took turns making magic reindeer food. 

In the past, I've done games and snacks. But when I found those cute little puzzles I just had to do that this year! :)

Sadly, I failed to snap any pics of the other stops and the activities they do in their rooms. One teacher did a reindeer thumbprint magnet craft, another did a bell bracelet craft, and the other did games.

Here is our hallway. Each teacher decorated their door as a train and we put down train tracks. The kids love it!

After we complete all of the rotations, we watch the movie and enjoy some sweet treats and hot cocoa.

Before it was time to go home, we received a very special and super cold package..... straight from THE NORTH POLE!!!! Santa sent us our very own believe bells! 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our magical day! :)