Spring Break...With A Hint Of Christmas..and A Whole Lotta Randomness

Well folks I have been on blog hiatus since my computer recently went craaaazzzzy with some spyware adware junk! After not even turning it on for weeks I turned it on to transfer some files to my flash drive and it was magically working again. HALLELUJAH!!!!! So thank you Casper the Ghost for fixing my computer.haha  So here is a LONG overdue post with a little of this and a little of that to let ya'll know what this little ole southern belle has been up to lately!

Me and E went to Asheville, North Carolina for Spring Break. We went to the Biltmore, strolled downtown, and ate like nobody's business. (I probably gained 10 pounds while we were gone! ha)  We had all kinds of fun! I really enjoyed it!!!  Do you want to hear something all kinds of sweet and then some????  Since I have become a blog stalker I have found that some of the teacher blogs that I am stalking have been going to a store called "Christmas Tree Shops." And after seeing all the neat things they have been buying I was jealous and chomping at the bits to go to one of these stores. After E had to hear all about how Babbling Abby found this and that at the Christmas Tree Shop he said look them up and find out where the stores are located. Well to my dismay there is not one in Tennessee. BOO! :(  There were some in surrounding states and one in North Carolina. Well I didn't think much about it because they were sooo far away. Well as we were driving E decided for us to keep on a trucking and pass Asheville up to drive even farther to get me to one of these stores!!!!! What a good man right??????  If that ain't love then I don't know what love is! haha  As we were getting closer and closer to arriving at this little honey hole he said "This store better not be the size of Lids!" haha  When we arrived it was just as I had imagined.. WONDERFUL! I really didn't need anything... but wanted EVERYTHING. I could have spent hours looking around. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera in and didn't get any snap shots of the items they had in the store, but I did take a pic of the store. E said you better blog about this! hahahaha  But I did take some pics of some of the items I bought when we got home because I was dying to share!! (some of what I bought is Christmas gifts and someone I bought for might read this post...so can't post those items..sorry folks!)

 Before we left E said you better take a picture of this place and blog about this after all the trouble we went to go to one! haha
Here is a few pics of some of the loot I got while we were there....

 Here are some things I got for my classroom. I LOVE Frank Schaffer and I was pumped when I found these little homework helpers by Frank Schaffer. They were $1.99. I got some cutesy push pins for my bulletin boards for $1.00 and colorful mechanical pencils for my treasure box. They were also $1.00. And we have been studying fairy tales and they had several fairy tale books. I had all of the others but needed Jack and The Beanstalk so I got it while I was there...$1.99!

 I got this for one of my bathrooms that I had already decorated in beachy type things... Look closely there are seashells poking out form it. :)  I thought it was cute....

And here is a pic of a bookshelf we got for E's man cave to put manly things on.... He liked it and couldn't wait to put it together!! :) They had some super cute furniture there! Too bad we weren't pulling a trailer..... Maybe next time!

Not pictured are some shepard hooks for my flower baskets I got for 2.99 a piece, batteries for $1.39 a pack, and some goodies I picked up for gifts that I will either use for Birthday presents or Christmas gifts. Oh and we got a wash mitt for Dexter Dog. I totally could have gotten a ton of other things..... but I resisted temptation. I hope I can visit this little honey hole again soon!!! (wishful thinking on my part!)


Here are a few pics of us here and there while on our little trip.

This place is called "The Corner Kitchen." We ate breakfast here before heading to the Biltmore. Obama has ate here too on a visit to Asheville! They had pics of him up on the wall. All of there dishes were Fiesta and I HEART Fiesta!!!

 And these little traveling bunnies also made a trip to Ohio as soon as we returned from NC for some family business. We managed to stop for an oil change along the way. Happy Saturday blog buddies!!!!



Liz said...

Glad you had such a great vacation! The hubs and I were planning on going to NC to visit some friends (we lived near Charlotte last year) over my spring break, but instead of doing that I get to have knee surgery and be holed up in my house!! I'll probably go crazy & drive the hubs crazy too! Fantastic news about your computer!!!! We finally had to buy a new one..goodbye income tax! Enjoy the rest of your break and good luck with your kiddos Monday morning :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed visiting my "Home State". A good friend lives in Asheville. I've been to Asheville a couple of times, but have never been to Biltmore. :( I have been to Christmas Tree Shops though. I'm glad that I live 45 minutes from it. I would spend too much time and money there.

= said...

aw!! I love these..!!! b wants to take me there i would love to go!!

Elisabeth said...

Liz-- Sorry to hear about your knee surgery!! I hope everything goes well with it! We went back last week to school from spring break but I had to miss Monday-Wednesday since we were in Ohio.. Needless to say I have been grading alot of papers! haha I hope to be back to normal next week!

Partis-- Yes we had a blast! You should go visit the Biltmore next time your in Asheville. It's something to see!

Steph-- I hope you and him can go! :)