Happy Halloween & Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! A Feast of Thanksgiving Fun

Happy Halloween sweet blog friends! I hope everyone has had a fun filled Halloween day. I really, really, really wanted to stay home with this little guy today...

isn't he the cutest caterpillar, ever????

But I went on in to school to the Halloween madness anyhow.. after we paraded in the gym with our spookiest Halloween costumes we enjoyed a tasty Halloween breakfast. The day was a success.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day!

I can't believe October is gone and tomorrow is the first day of November! Tomorrow we will start learning about Pilgrims. I just uploaded my newest unit to TPT! Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! A Feast of Thanksgiving Fun!

Here is a little preview of what is in the unit!

Here is what you will find in the unit!

-Suggested Books 
-Classroom Cooking Pumpkin Pie recipe/class graph activity 
-Venn Diagram to compare children today to pilgrim children 
-Venn Diagram to compare the first Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving today 
-Pilgrims can/have/are 
-Turkeys can/have/are 
-Indians can/have/are 
-How to Cook a Turkey 
-How to Catch a Turkey 
-Thankful Turkey craftivity 
-Paper Plate Turkey Pattern
-Scarecrow Pattern -Pilgrim Girl/Boy Pattern & writing prompt
-Mayflower craftivity 
-Indian Corn Pattern 

Check it out here!

I will give away one of these units to the first person to comment. :) Happy Monday night friends... is it Friday, yet???


What We've Been Up To & A Sale!

Well another month in this new school year as gone by. We have learned all about bats, and we went to the pumpkin patch this week for our first field trip of the year. We also learned all about pumpkins and did several pumpkin activities. (pictures to come) I think my kiddos have the life cycle of a pumpkin down to a fine art! 
Monday is Halloween... This year I decided to spice it up a little and do a Halloween breakfast instead of a candy exchange/cupcake kinda party like usual. Students signed up to bring in a tasty breakfast item for our Halloween breakfast. It's too late now with Halloween on Monday, but if you would like to file this idea away for next year, you can get the note by clicking on the picture below!

And If you need some fun activities to do on Halloween in your classroom check out my Octoberween Fun unit that is for sale in my TPT store... and snatch it up now while it is on sale!! Normally it is $6.50 and I have it marked down to $3.50! :)

Here is a little preview of what you will get in the unit!

This unit is full of fun activities to do with your kiddos...everything from bats, pumpkins and activities to go along with the following favorite Halloween stories.... Skeleton Hiccups, Scaredy-Cat, Splat, and Room on the Broom. 

Happy Friday night friends!! YAY for the weekend!


We've Gone Batty, Scaredy Cat Splat & Octoberween Unit

Hey sweet blog friends! This week we done a whole lotta batty things in our first grade class! Here is a little peek at just a few of the things we did.....

We made these bats for the bulletin board. We also read several books about bats. We completed a class can/have/are bat chart. They did great with remembering facts about bats from the stories we read. We read Stellaluna and sequenced the events from the story. We also discussed the similarities/differences between bats and birds. 

We made a tasty bat inspired snack! The one above is what we made this year. The pic below is the one my kiddos made last year. We couldn't find the same Little Debbie cakes this year so I thought I'd show them both.

We also read Scaredy-Cat, Splat! and done some fun things that with story. Aren't these little Scaredy-Cat, Splats cute??

If you like what you see here check out my Octoberween Fun: Literacy, Math, and Art Activities for October and Halloween unit that you can find in my TPT Store!!! If you have already purchased the Octoberween unit I just uploaded a revised version with the Scaredy-Cat, Splat and Bat patterns. Check it out here!!!!

I would love to give one of my Octoberween units away to one of my sweet blog friends! The first person to correctly guess my favorite kind of candy will get the unit. :)  

Happy Friday night! I don't know about you but I'm soooooo happy it's the weekend!


Out of this World Fun with Shapes

Hey everyone! I'm on fall break this week! Wahoo!!!! I don't know about you all but I was ready.. and it was much needed! I hope the remaining of the days drag on because I'm really enjoying being home with sweet Dexter dog.
When I return from fall break I will be getting evaluated..(yuck) and here in Tennessee we have a new evaluation system this year (double yuck!). So I've been stressed to the max trying to come up with the perfect lesson. We will be starting the geometry topic in our math series when we return from fall break and the first few lessons are about plane shapes. I searched the web and didn't come up with very many shape ideas (I probably wasn't looking in the right spots, right?! HA HA)... so I decided to create just a few things of my own. I have seen those oh so cute "shape monsters" on several websites/blogs (Mrs. Lee's and Kindergarten Rocks to name a couple wonderful ones!) and was dying to do these with my kiddos. However I couldn't find a pattern anywhere so one of the things I made was a pattern for my version of them called "shape aliens." I have a new packet for sale in my TPT store called "Out of this World Fun with Shapes!" 

In this unit you will get the following:

-Shape Alien Glyph 
-Shape Characteristic Cards for Class Chart 
-Shape Scavenger Hunt Activity 
-All About Shapes Book 
-A Circle in the Sky art/writing activity 
-Shape Memory Directions/Game 
-Shape Hunt Game 

Check out the unit at my TPT Store!!

Happy Hump Day Friends! 


If You Give a Dog a Donut

Hey ya'll! Tomorrow Laura Numeroff's newest circle story will be officially on sale... and I can't wait to grab a copy of it!!! Her latest book is called "If You Give a Dog a Donut." And since I'm crazy in love with my little ole pooch Dexter dog, this book will be right up my alley! I positively love her books and the too cute characters! I have created another pattern inspired by her latest book. 

Isn't he precious???

You can find him and his friends at my TPT store!!

And you can snag you a copy of the new book at Amazon!

And if this isn't enough to get you excited then get yourself out to the latest Krispy Kreme and get your donut fix on! :)


If You Give a Mouse & Pig.....

Hi blog friends!! This week we will be reading the popular book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff and completing an art/craft project. 

Isn't he just darling??? 

If you like him you are in luck.....you can find him for sale in my TPT store!

And I also have a pattern for the books If You Give a Pig a Pancake and If You Give a Pig a Party!

Check out these patterns and my new Octoberween unit at my TPT store!!!