Spring Cleaning Sale!

I'm joining some amazing TpT sellers for a little spring cleaning sale! Everything is 20% off in my little TpT shop now through March 31st. I don't know about you but I'm ready to clean out my wish list and get my shop on! :)

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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{graphic from Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah Designs}

Catch Up Post & Read Across America Fun

Long time no blog! I didn't get a chance to blog about all the fun that happened in room 4 for Read Across America. Right after we wrapped up our week of Read Across America fun I headed off to sunny Florida to leave for on cruise for spring break! :) We had the best time and this vacation was just what I needed! Nothing's better for this gal's soul than some sunshine, fun, and traveling! LOVE!! Here are a few little pics from our trip. We cruised from Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Turk, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas. Here are a few little pics from our trip. :)

Although it's always nice to see my sweet firsities smiling faces I was a little sad to get back to the grind this past Monday.... I could have totally went for another week on the beach!

So I'm a *little* behind sharing what we had been up to before spring break but better late than never. Here is a little recap of our week long celebration for Read Across America. We missed Monday due to an icy/snow mixture and were two hours late Tuesday... But that didn't stop us from making the most of the rest of the week!  Monday was supposed to be our Cat in the Hat day. I was so sad it was snowed out! :(

Tuesday was all about Fox in Socks. We wore silly, crazy socks and had fun with rhyming words.

I wrote rhyming words on socks and randomly passed one out to each kiddo. Then they searched around the room to find a friend who had a word that rhymed with their word. 

Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday. We wore wacky, mixed up clothes. Sorry no pics of our fun on this day.

Thursday was all about Green Eggs and Ham. Students wore green, we read the book, and we enjoyed green eggs and ham and green juice!

We completed a cute little Sam I Am craftivity. To add a little writing to our craft we completed one of the sheets from Lyndsey's Just Read Week unit.

We made these Cat in Hats for the hallway bulletin board. They turned out totally cute!

Friday was all about READING! It was favorite book character day! Students dressed up as their favorite book character and we read our favorite books throughout the day. 

Can you guess which book character I dressed up as?? :) 

We also celebrated reading with a fun little party with Seuss inspired snacks. 

We munched on a Seussy Snack Mix. {Recipe from First Grade Fever.} We also drank Seuss Juice. {Recipe from First Grade Parade.}

We ate Seussy Kabobbs

We made a yummy Cat in the Hat snack.

One of our focus skills this week was adjectives. We read The Cat in the Hat and then of brainstormed a list adjectives for the cat!

Well blog friends that's all I got for tonight. Hopefully your computer didn't overheat with all the pictures! ha


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

 This week room 4 will be having a week full of fun activities and treats to help us celebrate reading.... and I can't wait!!!  We will be reading lots of books and completing activities to go along with each book, having fun dress up days, and enjoying some tasty treats! This is one of my absolute favorite times of the year.

 Some of our fun will come from this little pack. :)

Tomorrow is Cat in the Hat day. We will be wearing lots of red, white, black and sporting our Cat in the Hat hats I got from Really Good Stuff

And I can't wait to wear my new Thing 1 and Thing 2 earrings I got from Lily Asher!!  LOVE!!!


Let the fun begin!!! Happy read, read, read week blog friends!! :)