Fox in Socks: Silly Sock Day!

Tuesday was a silly sock kinda day in first grade. We read Fox in Socks, wore silly socks, and worked with lots of rhyming words. Here is a peek at our day! 

I made a list of words before we read the book Fox in Socks. As we were reading, students tried to find words that word rhyme with the words on the list. They did a great job listening for those rhyming words!We did a little write the room activity to find rhyming words to match the words on their recording sheet.

This next activity, is one I got from the Mailbox a few years ago. I have each student a sock with a word on it. They had to find a classmate who had a word that rhymes with their word. We then shared our pairs of socks we made. The recording sheet is also from the Mailbox. 

Well friends, that’s all I’ve got for today! Happy Wednesday! 

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