President's Day

This post is a little late but here are a few of the activities we did for President's Day.

We began by reading several books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

We made George Washington. This idea was inspired by Cara Carroll at the First Grade Parade. I also used half a paper plate for the face like she did. However we did a different hat and did not paint our faces. Students colored the face, and drew on a mouth and nose. We used wiggly eyes and cotton balls for hair.

Students completed a writing activity that I found on Growing Kinders. Students wrote about what they would do if they were president. They had some really funny and cute responses. One said I "wood" tell the town what to do and drew himself at a podium! haha Another one said they would boss everyone around and in the book they drew they had a speech bubble coming from their math that said "gimme your money!" hahaha  Some students wanted to clean up the earth and help people. :)


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