Fairy Tale Unit-- Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Today we started a Fairy Tale unit. We began the unit by discussing the story elements found in a fairy tale. Here is the story element chart I made.

We will refer to our fairy tale story element chart each day that we read a new fairy tale.

 I read Goldilocks and The Three Bears by James Marshall. We then completed a sequencing activity I found in a Mailbox book. Next, we tried oatmeal. Then we made a class graph. Students placed their bear above the yes if they liked oatmeal and no if they did not. Most everyone really enjoyed the oatmeal and was wanting seconds. However, they were a few who said it was GROSS! haha The bear pictures we used for our class graph were from a book called Teachin' Cheap. We then talked about the data collected and each student individually graphed and answered questions using our data. CLICK HERE for the individual graph.

 Students then completed a story elements flap book. It didn't show up to clear in the picture. Students were suppose to cut and make five flaps. Flaps were labeled with characters, setting, problem, solution, and new ending. When they opened the flap they were to fill it out accordingly and then draw a picture.

All in all the lesson went pretty well and smoothly. I was evaluated during this lesson. The kids were rewarded with Popsicles for good behavior after the evaluation. I was so glad to have it out of the way. That was my last one for awhile! wahoo!!!

Stay tuned for more from my fairy tale unit. Happy hump day blog friends! It's almost Friday!!!!!


teacher2mom said...

So fun! This makes me miss teaching First Grade!

Stephanie said...

I think that you have STYLE!!! So I'm giving you the Stylish Award!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like your evaluation went great, congrats!

I love that story flap book, cute idea!

O FISH ally a First Grader (Corinna) said...

I just ran across your blog as I was googling ideas for story elements. I'm one of your newest followers!