Groundhog Day

Tomorrow is not only my dad's birthday but it is also Groundhog Day!! Today, I read the history of Groundhog Day and told the kids about Punxsutawney Phil. We then discussed what it meant to make a prediction. Students then completed an activity where they made a Groundhog Day prediction. Here is an example.
Tomorrow, I plan on reading the cute book "Groundhog Gets A Say" by Pamela Curtis Swallow.
I was originally going to have the kiddos make a groundhog "snazzy snack" using a banana, chocolate chips, and almond slices but I found a much tastier recipe on one of the blogs I am following, Mrs. Wheeler's Tidbits. So on Friday, we will be making groundhogs, but with Mrs. Wheeler's recipe instead. Hope everyone has a Happy Groundhog Day tomorrow!!! Here's to hoping spring is a hop, skip, and a jump around the corner!!!!!!! Flip flop weather is calling my name! :)


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Mrs. Harris said...

Too cute! I'm so sad we don't have school tomorrow (another ice day...) because I had cute plans for Groundhog day too! Oh well.. there's always next year! Have fun!