First Grade Funny... "I hope I get held back!"

So this afternoon we were making a "snazzy snack" and one of my little blonde cuties said "first grade is so much fun..... I hope I get held back!" bawhahaha Totally made my day! I wanted to just squeeze her little cheeks! As I say about my baby dog quite often.... I would love to sap him up with a buscuit... and in this her up with a biscuit! haha She completely turned my day around with her sweet, cute little comment. My kids had been waaaay wild today and I was really ready to hit the road jack. But thanks to that little cutie pie, I was recharged and ready for round two! haha



= said...

aww thats sweeet.. that must mean she hearts her teacher!

ashley said...

I've had a couple of kids say that to me too over the past couple of years. It always makes me giggle!