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Well tomorrow is the big day for me to take the School Leadership Praxis Test.. Boy oh boy am I nervous! I bought this e-book study guide when I signed up for the test and I've been attempting to study for weeks now. It might be easier if I had of actually printed off the book.... 195 pages is alot though! Alot of paper and alot of ink. So I've just been attempting to study it from my computer and everytime I do I find myself drifting in another direction. I'm browsing posts on proteacher, checking my email, looking on ebay, blogging, looking at other blogs, you get the point. I'm pretty sure it would have been a good idea to have just took the plunge and printed the stinking 195 page e-book off... not sure that I'm very prepared for my poor test. I can always remember my mama saying to eat chocolate before my tests... something about stimulating the brain. Guess I better start tonight on the chocolate. Well as I sit here with my clipboard  I am attempting to take a practice test. I'm on question 4... decided to stop.. and BLOG! I am so addicted to this blogging business!

Anyways, today was day 6 straight of no school due to snow. I did venture out today.. nothing leisurely though.. had to pay some bills and I got a few things at the store. I bought some blueberries and I'm hoping to make some blueberry pancakes soon..hopefully tonight! :)

We are babysitting... umm, dogsitting for the weekend. My little Dexter is an only child (dog) and he has company for the weekend. Should be pretty interesting...... he has already been stealing treats from the other dog. Pretty brave if you ask me.... the other dog although a house dog is much bigger than little Dexter. But Dexter packs a mean punch and he is all business when it comes to treats.....whether there his treats or not.

I guess its back to the practice test... wish me luck!!


lovetwoteach said...

Good Luck!!!! I took it 10 years ago for Ed Leadership. It wasn't so bad. You will be fine. It is logic! Oh, and blueberry pancakes or brownies make everything better. :)

Elisabeth said...

Thank you!!!!! I need all the luck I can get! I've been checking my answers on the practice test and oooh.. not so good! They are sooo tricky. All the answers seem to fit the question. Hopefully it will be a good, good testing day for me tomorrow though! Thanks again! :)
And sadly.. no pancakes for me tonight :(

Katie King said...

Just found your blog! Love it!