New Blog Desgin

So... first of all I must say I'm in LOVE, L-O-V-E, LOVE with my new blog background!!! Did I mention that I'm in LOVE!? And this was all made possible by Kristen Walsky!! She has completely made my day!! Well I'm so in love with it she has probably made my whole weekend and it will flow on into next week and probably even then some! haha  I love her blog First Grade Teaching and found it over Christmas break. I was hooked. She had awesome ideas to share, was very nice, and helpful!! Her great ideas and her blog, along with some other great blogs out there inspired me to jump on this blog wagon! I was seeking out a cutesy background and I was very lucky because Kristen was beginning to get into the blog designing business on the side. I got to be one of her guinea pigs for her class. Boy was I LUCKY!! I can't express how much I appreciate all her hard work and help creating this cutesy background for me! Please visit her new blog design website Teacher Gone Techie to get your new blog design!! She is running a special through February 15th so please go check her out!! She is fantastic and such a great person!! Thanks again Kristen!! :)

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