Scholar's Bowl

This morning I went to the county scholar's bowl. My kids did so awesome! We made it up on the stage and ended up getting 2nd place. I was one proud mama bear!!!!! Made me feel like I was doing "something" right! :)
All of the questions for this scholar's bowl were literature related. There was a ton of questions about nursery rhymes, Disney, etc. There was even one about Eric Carle! I'm beginning to wonder if it wouldn't be more beneficial to teach from stories like that opposed to our adopted reading series?? There was definitely no questions about "The Sleeping Pig" or "The Kite." Those are the previous two stories we have read. I just wonder if the kids learn more or get more from those type of stories opposed to stories from the basal reading books? The workbook activities really aren't that great that go along with the reading series and after we read from that book, do those pages, and then do our Saxon Phonics, it doesn't leave alot of extra time for other reading activities.... we must move on to math, science, and social studies. Anyways... was just wondering what most of you do for your reading???
Happy Saturday blog friends! My Saturday has turned out pretty good so far! My kiddos got 2nd place in the scholar's bowl.... got me an awesome new blog design that I'm in LOVE is almost 50 degrees outside (this is something to be proud of considering we are already out of snow days) and now I have a date with my sweet baby dog Dexter. He is getting a bath!! :)

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