Accessory Swap- Teaching In Heels

Well it looks like today is my last day at home after a LONG break! We missed the whole week before Christmas break for snow. Then was out two weeks for Christmas break. We came back to a staff development day, followed by being in school one full day, dismissing early, going in 2 hours late and then missing 6 straight days for snow and then being out today for MLK day. Needless to say I probably won't know what to do with myself tomorrow when we go back. I sure hope the kiddos are ready to get back in the groove of things and come in with their thinking caps on and aren't hyped up to awfully bad. We shall see!

Since we have been off so much I have spent much of my time glued to my laptop searching the web for ideas to use in my classroom and I have become obsessed with blogs and blogging! Oh my goodness.. Is there a 12 step program out there for bloggers. I've nearly wore a spot on the couch from sitting there in the same spot so much! haha  Well.. not really, but ya know. My internet wasn't working this morning and I nearly was about to freak out because I couldn't check my blog and other blogs.. Now you see why I was wondering about the 12 step program for bloggers! I've got a huge problem on my hands! I did manage to mop the entire house though and work on some planning since my internet was down. But it's back up and running and I'm blogging!

I just found the cutest little blog..... and became a follower. She is having an accessory swap and I am super excited because I want to be apart of this greatness! Check out the details on her site and you will too!!


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Thanks for posting the swap!! :)