Classroom Reveal: 2014-2015

Happy Monday!  I'm popping in today to give you a snapshot tour of my classroom! I did a lot of work on it this summer and I'm pretty excited and happy about how it all turned out! This year I stayed with the jungle theme that I did last year since it was the first year to do jungle.... but I spiced it up a bit with some lime and purple, and lots of  BW and Chevron collections from Creative Teaching Press. CTP makes me one happy teacher...Love their stuff!! :)

Prepare for picture overload!

This is the view from the front classroom door.

I have grouped my kids in four groups of six this year since I have 24. I got black book shelves from Wal-Mart and added one to the front of each group. Students are store their SAFARI Books, journals, supplies, etc. in the shelves. I'm loving them! Sooo glad I decided to get them this year! I'm also loving the chair pockets I got this year from Seat Sack! I am trying something new this year.... I'm trying my best to check as much work as possible in class. After I check off their work they slip it into their seat sack and at the end of the day they remove the work and put it in the keep at home side of their SAFARI Books. So far it's working really great... and I'm loving not having so much to check at night! Students also put their personal clip charts in their seat sacks and will be putting some good fit books in their as well. 

Purple group- chair pockets are from Seat Sack

Orange group- Chair Pockets from Seat Sack
Desk Caddies from Oriental Trading
Red and Blue baskets from Dollar Tree
Orange Basket from Oriental Trading
Purple and Lime book boxes from Steps to Literacy {LOVE how roomy they are!!! if you don't have any get you some!} I plan to store interactive journals in these.

Trash Can- Dollar Tree and I added Chevron Solids 2" stickers to say "Trash."

Green Group- Chair Pockets from Seat Sack

Blue Group-- Chair Pockets from Seat Sack.

Math Focus Wall-- I really love how this area came together!! My favorite is the new chevron Fadeless paper! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! It matched my decor perfectly!! 

Like something you see from my Math Focus Wall? Below is where you can find these items from. :)

Fadeless Designs Chic Chevron Lime Bulletin Board Paper from Pacon
Black Bordette from Pacon
Grade 1 Math GNOMe Bulletin Board Management Set from Creative Teaching Press
Numbers 1-120 Chart from Creative Teaching Press
5 Star Mathematician Poster from Creative Teaching Press
Scholastic Piggy Bank Money Pocket Chart from Amazon
Judy Instructor Clock from Amazon
Number and Shape Posters from Cara Carroll's Chevron Classroom Decor Bundle
Classroom Keepers Bookshelf from Pacon {I will be using this to feature theme books... right now it is filled with all things back to school!}
BW Calendar Set from Creative Teaching Press-- I took this pic before I added the month header and the calendar letters.
Deluxe Chart Stand from Teacher Direct
Bean Bag from Old Time Pottery
Math Focus Wall Header from Creative Teaching Press-- I used BW Collection Chart Cards 6" Designer Cut-Outs and attached Bold Brights 4" Designer Letters
Palm Tree-- I made from bulletin board paper and I attached Monkey Student Incentive Charts from Creative Teaching Press

Reading focus wall and this area is also my reading nook and group meeting area. I LOVE how it turn out!!!

Like what you see? Below is where you can find these items. :)

Reading Focus Wall Header from Creative Teaching Press-- I used BW Collection Chart Cards 6" Designer Cut-Outs and attached Bold Brights 4" Designer Letters
BW Collection Chart Cards 10" Jumbo Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press--- I will add our weekly words, skills, etc. to the cards each week
Polka Dot Party Border from Creative Teaching Press
Leveled Reading Tubs from Dollar Tree
Stuffed Animals from Kohls
Chevron Rugs from Wal-Mart
Bean Bags from Old Time Pottery
Pom Poms from Hobby Lobby

Here is a closer look at my leveled reading tubs from the Dollar Tree. I attached Monkeys 6" Designer Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press to each tub and then I added Bold Brights Uppercase 2" Letters to each monkey for the guided reading level.

  Listening Center

I love how my door turned out!!! I made it with bulletin board paper and then attached soer me supcute accents from Creative Teaching Press.

Banana Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press
Monkey Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press
Chevron Solids 4" Letters from Creative Teaching Press

 A closer look at the palm tree... It hold incentive charts for Box Tops. Each time a student brings in a sheet of 10 Box Tops they get a sticker. When they fill up a row {5 stickers} they get a trip to the treasure box.

BW Happy Birthday Bulletin Board Set from Creative Teaching Press

I'm loving the Learning is Fun Pennant I made using Bold Brights 4" Designer Letters and the new 10" pennant banners in purple and green from Creative Teaching Press

Inspire U Posters from Creative Teaching Press
Lime Green Chevron Border from Creative Teaching Press
BW Flowers 6" Designer Cut-Outs from Creative Teaching Press
Book Containers from Highlights teacher program

Back to School Hallway Bulletin Board for first day of school
Lime Green Chevron Border from Creative Teaching Press
Monkey Business Bulletin Board Set from Creative Teaching Press

Sight Word Super Stars Board-- I used Shining Stars Bulletin Board Set from Creative Teaching Press
Doodles and Dots Border from Creative Teaching Press
Numbers 0 to 30 Bulletin Board set from Creative Teaching Press

I snazzed up my candy reward box with some cute sprinkles stickers and border from Creative Teaching Press

This is a view of the front of the room. Since this pic was taken I got my projector mounted and there is a projector screen above the middle white board. I hope to get a fancy smartboard sometime before I retire! HA  The two side boards {white and black} will be used to house anchor charts. :)

Well I think that about does it....I hope you have enjoyed the snapshot tour of my little classroom! :)

Have a great week!!

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Dani Lynch said...

I love your lettering stickers, I could do so much with those! They don't do half of the super cute classroom things over here in the UK, I managed to get some chevron borders and some lettering but it cost me a heck of a lot more than on the CTP site :(

Oh well, the price we pay for nice classrooms!! Your room looks lovely!


Sarah said...

What I cute room! I love how you organized everything and that each group has their own bookshelf! :)


Unknown said...

Your room is just darling!! What are you planning on putting in those cute little spaces on your Reading Focus Wall? :) Love your room!


Unknown said...

Sounds and looks like a Great way to be more organized. I love your classroom!

Unknown said...

Sounds and looks like a great way to be organized. I love your classroom!