Celebrating Birthdays {CTP Style!}

 Hi blog friends! I wanted to pop in with a little post about how we celebrate birthdays in my classroom. On a students Birthday I give my students a Happy Birthday bag filled with lots of fun birthday goodies to help make the Birthday boy or girl feel extra special. In the Birthday Bag students will get the following: a Birthday card, a Birthday bookmark, a Birthday cootie catcher, and birthday scratch 'n sniff stickers {who doesn't love scratch 'n sniff stickers??} I also add a few pieces of candy. A pencil, Krazy Straws, crayons, and other little items have also been in the mix before. The Birthday boy or girl will also wear a crown on this day to help them feel extra special and let everyone know that it's their Birthday!

All of the goodies I include in my Birthday bags can be purchased from Creative Teaching Press! They have the best stuff! I LOVE CTP!

I also have a display in class for Birthdays. This year I got a new one and I'm loving it!  This can also be found at CTP.

We also sing Happy Birthday and we make a Happy Birthday book from the students in our class. While the students in our class are working on their page for the Birthday book, the Birthday boy or girl also works on a page that will go in their book. If you are interested in the birthday book and tags for the birthday bags you can pick that up in my little tpt shop by clicking the pic below! 

How do you celebrate Birthdays in your class?

I will be back soon with a classroom reveal post and a BIG giveaway!!! :)

Have a great Thursday friends...It's almost the weekend! :)

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Adrienne said...

Thanks for sharing! I recently just made a run to the Dollar Tree to fill my birthday bags! I got mechanical pencils, stickers, mini tubs of Play-doh, and homework passes. I love your idea of the crown!

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