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Have you seen the award winning product line Easy Daysies by Creative Teaching Press? This wonderful line was created by a teacher mom. This line was designed to help children become more cooperative, accountable, responsible, and independent. This awesome product can also help eliminate the nagging of questions like when are we doing this or that because they can simply refer to their schedule. This magnetic schedule has a to do side where you can put the magnets of each task the child needs to do for the day. As they get something finished they can move the magnet to the done side. By the end of the day when all magnets have been moved to the done side children will feel accomplished! I think this product would be a great management tool for a child who only wants to do certain things like play time and getting them to do anything else is like pulling teeth!  This would be something to use to work towards a daily goal and child could be rewarded when so many of the their to do items are moved over to the done column. {I have my fingers crossed they will create one of these with school themed magnets because I have a couple of sweeties I know could definitely benefit from this to help keep them focused, on task, and working towards daily goals.} I know this is definitely a product I would use if I had children of my own. I think it is wonderful and would be super helpful to help keep my family or any family organized!

Since I am a mom to the sweetest and most precious fur child ever, he will be modeling for the Easy Daysies home starter kit product! :)

How does Easy Daysies from Creative Teaching Press work? It's simple.. 

1) Get the Easy Daysies starter pack for home and any add-on packs that might work for your child.
2) At home, start with one area of focus such as the morning routine or bedroom routine.
3) Choose the appropriate magnets to create the routine. Have your child look at the pictures and words to tell you what they are in order. If your child is not yet reading, teach him or her to use the pictures and beginning letter sounds to guess what it says. Later, you can move on to phonetically sounding out the words.
4) Ask your child which task is first, which is next, and so fourth. With older children, ask them why they think one specific task comes before the other. For example, "why do you think homework comes before free time?"
5) After one task is completed come back and look at the Easy Daysies visual routine with your child. Ask what he or she did and have your child locate and point to the appropriate magnet or move it form the "To Do" column to the "Done!" column on the Fold & Go Board. 
6) Repeat the process of coming back to the Easy Daysies visual routine and cheering on your child. He or she will be so proud, and will be excited about coming back to Easy Daysies the next day for a repeat performance!

Easy peasy, right??

Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedules For Kids header

They also have a classroom management tool pack that comes with 18 durable magnets. These magnets can be used as a whole class management tool. The class can work as a group towards the goal of getting all of the magnets on the to do side moved to the done side. This can also be used as a visual tool to help those who are constantly wondering when lunch or recess is. Students can simply refer to the magnetic schedule cards to see what time lunch, recess, etc. is. These magnets could also be used for an individual student who struggles to get his or her work completed each day because they are simply just worried about recess break. The student can set a goal for their self and get rewarded for completing tasks. Students who struggle to get things accomplished can start small with a few tasks and build their way up to completing all of the tasks!

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Would you like to win the classroom management tool pack and an Easy Daysies home starter kit? Enter using the rafflecopter below for a chance to win both of these amazing and super helpful/useful items from Creative Teaching Press!!!

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Mrs. Brown said...

Love CTP! My favorite thing from them is the bulletin board letters and accent pieces!


Mrs. Brown said...

I would use this product to help keep us better organized and I love it because it is magnetic!


Karyn said...

I love CTP! My favorite product is their bulletin board sets.

I love the EasyDaysies because I feel like the give the kids even more independence and they are magnetic. Very cool!