Junie B., First Grader BOO...and I MEAN IT {Literacy Companion Pack}

I love Junie B. Jones... and so do my first graders. And if they love something that makes me love it even more! I enjoy reading her books in class because they get so excited about reading and can't wait to read more. I have created some companion packs for some of the books in the Barbara Park series and I used them last year with my class. It was one of my favorite things we did because they loved it so much. We started out with me reading the books out loud and then we would work through our book study booklets whole group. As the year went on and they started to become better, stronger readers they wanted to volunteer to read pages aloud, or they would read to themselves, or we would work in small groups reading the books. They then became more independent with their book study booklets and even wanted to work on them during free time or take them with them to library. With Halloween knocking on our door this week I thought it would be fun to read Junie B., First Grader BOO...and I MEAN IT. This book is all kinds of funny and I have a feeling my kiddos will think so too. I decided to last minute crank out a new literacy companion pack to go along with this book. I'm sure most of you already have your week all planned out, but if your looking for something last minute you can check out this little pack by clicking the pic below!

 In this pack you will find everything you need to create a book study booklet for the book Junie B.,First Grader BOO...and I MEAN IT. The booklet can be used whole group or in small groups. There is a book study booklet cover, vocabulary sheet, prediction sheet, 9 chapter summary sheets, 9 chapter comprehension question sheets, two venn diagrams, a text-to-self writing sheet, an opinion writing sheet, a story map, and a Junie B. character map.

Want a copy of this pack? Leave me a comment and your email and I will pick a winner in the morning. 

Well that's all I got for tonight! I still need to share a recap of bat week but I've got a bazillion things to do before bed.

 Hope you have a wonderful week full of lots of candy and fun! :)


Rachel said...

Love Junie B!


Suzy Q said...

I haven't read any Junie B. books to my class yet...but a student donated a huge pile of his to our room last year, so I am sure I have the book! Off to read it, but I think the students would get a kick out of her!

tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

Liz said...

This is actually one of the Junie B Jones that I have! My kids would love it!

aes17 said...

I'm reading this book to my class right now! It would so great to win this! Crossing my fingers now!


Jennifer said...

Love this book and Junie B.!! I am reading this book to my firsties this week. I hope we finish it by Thursday. I would LOVE to use your pack in my class.

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