Fun with Scaredy-Cat, Splat! & Donor's Choose

This week we have been having all sorts of fun with Halloween/October themed learning. On Monday we read the book Scaredy-Cat Splat. I then had them work in their groups to find different things for a story map. One group wrote the title, one group wrote the characters, one group wrote the setting, one group wrote the problem, and one group wrote the solution. We discussed and then added their responses to a little chart.

We made these cute Scaredy-Cat Splats and Frankensteins. {Both of these crafts can be found in my Octoberween Fun unit. Or both can be purchased separately HERE and HERE.}

Students wrote what they thought would be the perfect costume for Splat.

This little sweetie thought a zombie would be the perfect costume.

This little sweetie thought a penguin would be the perfect costume.


Tomorrow is the last day to get my donations for my Donor's Choose project matched by using the code INSPIRE. You can read all about the project HERE. I would love, love, love to get it funded and make my sweet kiddos some happy campers with a new listening center! They keep asking when we will do listen to reading during Daily 5. I sure hope sooner than later! HA


We have also been having all kinds of fun learning about bats this week. I will be back soon with pics and a recap from our bat week.  :)

Tomorrow is Friday.. I hope you have a good one! :)

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