I'm Back To School... and Open House Linky Party!!

Well folks I've been a bit MIA from my blogging.. but believe me I've still been at my usual blog stalking!!! I've been in a bit of a blogging slump.. nothing great to share lately but I'm loving what I'm reading from everyone else!!! Last week I started my 4th year of teaching! Where has time gone!? I found myself just as nervous to start back as I was when I started my first year! I have 22 new firsties in my class. Boy oh boy was I wore out this week! Just trying to get back into the swing of things. We completed some of Abby's Fun with Firsties activities and did a lot of Kindergarten review as well as going over rules and procedures. This coming week we will start our first grade work. And surprisingly I'm looking forward to starting it because that will mean that we have more of a solid routine in place this week instead of the a little of this and a little of that like we had last week. I need to post some pics of my classroom because I've been pretty excited about it. This is the first year that I can actually say I'm happy with the way it looks. It still needs a little tweaking...but until then I'm pretty darn pleased with it! :)

Tuesday we are having our back to school bash (open house). On registration I sent home my first grade handbook and the awesome getting to you sheet that sweet Cara shared with us a few weeks ago. Since I've already done that I'm kinda not sure what I should send home at our open house.. if anything? Last year I made sugar cookies and attached a cute little poem that my sweet teacher pal Stefanie found and shared with me. She teaches K at my school and did this cute idea last year as well so those kiddies that came into first this year have already seen the poem. Here is the poem Stefanie found:

A Message for you!

As flour and sugar come together to make

A wonderful cookie creation that you bake,
Parents and teachers join as one
To create an educated daughter or son.
It takes lots of love, caring and understanding
But an individual will emerge who is special notwithstanding.
We will work together to help each child bloom
So they can grow and prosper as they learn in this room.
So I share this little confection with you as I say
I am committed to helping your child grow each and every day.
Yes, the road is long, but the journey's begun
As we strive to educate your daughter or your son.

Cute, huh? Well since this group of kiddies have already seen it I'm trying to think of something else cute to do or hand out or just something, anything for open house night. I would LOVE to hear what you do at your school!!!! I've also been thinking about a cute donation display... does anyone else do this???

I would LOVE for you to link up and share what you do for open house/meet the parent night/back to school bash.. whatever your school calls it! :)


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