Where It All Goes Down Wednesday...A Day Late..Oops!

Sorry I'm a day late on my "Where it All Goes Down Wednesday" post for the teacher week that is happening at Blog Hoppin'. I had after school tutoring and then me and E went on a double date with our favorite double date couple.  By the time I got home it was late and I didn't even get on the computer to blog stalk let alone blog myself. But better late than never, right???

Here is a little look into my home away from home... I had never really done a theme before in my classroom but always wanted to. I have done a STAR Book every year (Stuff To Always Remember) and so when I saw Abby's rockin' classroom ideas over the summer I was inspired to add a little rock 'n roll to my room theme and was able to keep my STAR Book. It is not as pretty as Abby's and still needs some extra touches.

Cubbies for the kiddos things and for my books, etc. This year I added the black/white checkered contact paper because the cubbies needed a face lift! I thought the black/white checkered would be sorta a 50's rock kinda thing. :)

 I LOVE the Kohl's Cares stuffed animals!!

 Computers, math word wall, and charts

 Calendar... I am doing Cara Carroll's wonderful math notebook this year and I changed my calendar around a bit for the calendar routine/math notebook. If you are not using her calendar companion.... YOU MUST!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Cara is a creative genius!! :)

 Standards.. Thanks Mrs. Jump! And center tubs. I still need to get my center board made... too much to do!!

 Front view of the room. I have my kiddos grouped in groups this year and each group has a caddie and I call them by color. So far I like it!

 My desk area!

My old rusty filing cabinets that I gave a face lift to this summer with modge podge and scrap book paper.

This area is behind my desk. I have a tub for each day and have the work we will do for that week copied and ready in each tub.
& Rockin' Word Wall Words bulletin board.

 Bookshelf with math manipulatives (they need labels still), supplies, and books

My version of Abby's guitar clip chart. I switched the colors around a bit. Thanks for being so inspiring Abby!

 Have you filled a bucket today??

 Well there it is folks.... you got yourself a little look inside casa de Miss Elisabeth. It's not as big as some of the classrooms I have seen or as organized either! I hope to work on the organization part.. don't think I can do anything about the size.. but hey it works and I like it!
I have enjoyed looking into everyone's rooms and I hope you did mine too! Sorry it's a day late!!!!!


Sharon said...

Your room looks so cute!

Elisabeth said...

Thank you Sharon!!! :)