Three For Thursday

I'm joining in on a little "Three For Thursday" fun that is going on over at Blog Hoppin'. So here goes with my three-for picks....

My Favorite Font

DJ Chunk!

My Favorite Blog
Decisions, decisions! How do I pick one when I LOVE oh so many! I have been inspired by so many of these wonderful blogs out there that it is very hard to narrow it down to just one! So I will share the one that inspired me to begin my blogging journey.... The First Grade Parade. Cara is so sweet and I have emailed her before and she is always so nice to reply and let me tell ya'll that makes me feel so great.. pretty much giddy... because I literally feel like I'm hearing from a teaching celebrity!!! HA

My Favorite Online Resource
I'm totally loving Pinterest right now! 
For the classroom we have Houghton Mifflin for our reading series and I get a ton of wonderful things that go along with this series from Carl's Corner for FREE...YES FREE!! 
I also really like Brain Pop Jr

That's it ya'll! My "Three For Thursday!" Get yourself over to Blog Hoppin' and link up!!! :)



The First Grade Parade said...

Aww...sweet Elizabeth :) YOu are too much, girl!!! So sweet!!! SO happy you linked up today!!!

Cara :)

Elisabeth said...

Cara! Glad you stopped by my little ole blog! You have been such an inspiration and your wonderful ideas have made me a better teacher! Thanks for that!!!!!! :)