Bushels of Fun With Apples Unit On TPT Reminder

Hey bloggie buddies! I just wanted to remind you all of my Bushels of Fun With Apples Literacy & Math activities unit that I posted on TPT back in June. It was my very FIRST unit and is perfect for back to school fun or September when learning about Johnny Appleseed! TPT is having a site wide sale starting tomorrow and offering 10% off! The code is B1T1S. I know I've got my eye on several goodies! :) 

Click the picture to take you to my TPT store! :)

 This unit includes the following:
10 apple themed math journal prompts
Johnny Appleseed art project & activities
Apple Adjectives art project & activities
2 math games (1 game has some blank cards included in case an alternate version wants to be created! :) )
1 vowel game
All About Apples Book
Comparing Apples/Pumpkins Venn Diagram
Apple glyph art project/activities
Favorite Apple Class Graph

I also uploaded a free game as a supplement to this unit that you can also find in my TPT store!

And since I didn't give one away when I first posted about the unit I will give one away now to the first person to comment! :) Please leave me your email in the comment and I will send it your way! :)

I've been working in my classroom trying to get things ready for a new group of kiddos! Gosh.. so much to do and time is running out! Anyone else feel this way?? I will post pics when it is finished! I'm having trouble deciding on what to do about classroom jobs... This is something I've never been great at managing in the past. I would love to know what you're doing in your class for jobs and how you manage them!!



Delighted said...

Love your stuff!!!


Gladys said...

I was hoping I was your 1st comment...oh well better luck next time...your unit looks super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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