Five for Friday! {End of the Year Catch Up Post with a Freebie!}

Why hello summer's so GOOD to see you!! Well friends week one of my summer break is in the books! It flew by, like they always do. My week consisted of baking, running, snuggling with my sweet little Dexter, cleaning, and I took a little impromptu trip to Target and the outlet mall yesterday...just because it was sunny out and it's summer and well I could! :) I didn't need a thing but I did score some deals at Target and Gap.... and the caramel frappacino I had while I was shopping was a nice little bonus! ;)

I'm a little behind on my blogging...The last week and half of school was crazy busy. I moved everything out so my floors could be waxed. But before that I decided I wanted to paint my room.... So I started painting like a mad woman before my floors were cleaned. 
I thought I would do a little catch up post and share a few things with you Five for Friday style! I'm linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday with five random things from the end of the school year.

One of my favorite end of the year traditions is camping out with a good book day. Students bring their favorite books and spend part of the day reading with their sweet buddies. I also invite them to participate in a book swap. They can bring up to five books they would like to trade for up to five new-to-you books. This is a great way for students to get some different books to read over the summer and it doesn't cost them a thing. 
Here is the pile of books that was brought in for the swap this year. I spy some good ones, don't you?
Another tradition for this day is enjoying some yummy s'mores! Because with only 2 s'more days left why not celebrate!?

This year for our last bulletin board craft we made this cutie patootie butterfly.
If your interested in this, this was another thing I did this week... I got it added to my tpt store. This craftivity pack comes with the craft template and lots of writing papers for K-3. It can also be used as a back to school craft. Suggestions for how to use are included in this little pack. 

As an end of the year gift I gave my students these bubble wands. Super simple, but fun, and the kids were so excited and thought I was the best! ha If your still looking for an end of the year gift for your students you can snag the tags as a FREEBIE HERE. :)

So I mentioned I was painting my room earlier in the post. I got a wild hair to paint my room. I painted it gray and I LOVE it. Do you see that terrible board on the far left? It's damaged and yucky looking and won't come clean. I have always covered it every year with bulletin board paper... but since it isn't cork I have to tape things up and then when I change things out the tape rips the paper and I can't stand the messy ripped paper and who wants to change paper every time you take something off the board?? Not this girl. So......I bought a big ole roll of cork and me and a few of my sweet teacher gal pals covered this board and a couple others in my room before we left for summer. And just like that I have a bulletin board friends! One that I can actually staple and push pin things too. Shut the front door I'm excited! It's little things... or well... a big roll of cork things... that make my teacher heart happy. :)

And.... I mentioned awhile back that I am changing my theme for the upcoming school year. I'm doing a camping/woodland friends theme. Before leaving for summer I just had to put up this new burlap fadeless paper with some of my new border! I'm loving it! I can't wait to add more and finish up the rest of the room. Those critters make my heart smile. SO.STINKIN.CUTE!!

Well friends, that's all I've got for now. Have a fabulous Memorial Day!


Susan K. said...

LOVE your new theme for next year - great border! Enjoy your summer vacation - mine doesn't start until June 27! Happy Memorial Day!

Tonya said...

I love your new paint color! I am a media specialist and my building is being renovated this summer. I have chosen a light gray for the media center (I only had 4 colors to choose from), and I have my fingers crossed that it looks half as good as yours!
Happy summer!
Storybook Endings

Kathleen said...

I forget you Southern teachers are out so early! We have 4.5 weeks left! Love the new theme. Can't wait to see more unfold this summer!

JanCT said...

The gray looks so good! I already have some fox cutouts for next year. I'm not sure I'll do a whole theme. I tend to do more of a color scheme, but those foxes are sort of inspiring. Enjoy your summer! I have 9 school days left!
Laughter and Consistency

Teachingwright said...

I need to do this to a board in my room too! What did you use to attach the cork to the board? I want to do it too but wasn't sure how to make sure it holds up. Thanks! :)

Elisabeth said...

@Teachingwright We attached it with lots of hot glue! There may be something better than this to use than hot glue, I'm not sure. But that's what we used and so far it's all still up! I got the 6MM cork... anything less I think would be too thin and tear easily. It looks great up and you really can't tell it's not an actual cork bulletin board. Especially, with paper and borders on it. This was a much cheaper alternative to buying all new boards. Good luck with your board! :) You will need to recruit some helpers to help hold the cork and add the glue. ;)