Write the Room:Math Style! {With a Freebie!}

Happy summer blog friends! I hope you are enjoying summer as much as I am! I was prepping some center stuff today, and realized I never blogged about something I started working on this past winter during all the snow days. I needed some more activities for math and after brainstorming, I decided to make some write the room math activities because my kids love to write the room! So on one snowy day I began making some write the room math activities and now I'm up to 11. {and may make more}
 I bundled them together today....You can save  $7 by purchasing the bundle! That's getting 3 1/2 write the room activities for free! :) 

Here are some pics of  some of the write the room math activities in action in my classroom. I just tape them up in different spots around the room and put the recording sheets in a center tub. Students who are at that center get a recording sheet, pencil, and grab a clip board... Then they begin searching the room for the write the room cards and complete the activity accordingly. 
Here they are solving addition problems... They write the problem down in the correct box and solve.

Here they are telling time...They write the time shown on the clock in the correct box on the recording sheet.

I have write the room math activities for telling time, addition, subtraction, shapes, base ten, number comparisons, true/false, and much more!! You can grab them individually or save $7 by purchasing the bundle!

And I just added a brand new one today for you as a freebie! I hope you love it!

Well friends,,.that's all I've got for now. Have a great night!

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