We Love Our Moms! {Mother's Day Freebie!}

Hi blog friends! We have been busy this week working on special gifts for Mother's Day! I wanted to share with you a couple of our gifts just in case you are needing something last minute that's pretty quick and simple...But moms are sure to LOVE! 

The first one I want to share about is one that I have been doing this one since I started teaching and it's my favorite! It's a hand print flower that doubles as a work/picture holder for the refrigerator. I found the idea sometime ago online and I can't remember where. :(

Sorry for the poor lighting!

I got my supplies at Wal-Mart... magnetic strips, jumbo craft sticks and clothespins. Simply get your students to make a hand print. (I let them pick which color) I free handed the stem and copied it onto green paper and laminated it and the hand print. Then I hot glued the craft stick to the stem then added the hand print. I hot glued the clothespin to the bottom of the the craft stick and then hot glued a magnetic strip. I add a label and students will sign their name. These turn out super cute and are a great keepsake!

CLICK HERE for the label I added to the back. :) Avery size 2" x 4" labels.

Here is another project that we have worked on this week that I shared about last year. To show our moms just how special they are and how much we love them, students worked on a simile mother's day poem and drew a pretty picture to go along with it. I attached the poem to one side of a piece of construction paper, attached the drawing to the other side, and then laminated for durability. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! :) It's simple, but oh so cute and their responses are so sweet. I hope that these will be a hit with the moms of my firsties. The kids sure were proud of them.
 I loved reading the things they came up with to complete the poem. Some examples that they used... you are as funny as a clown, pretty as a rose, special as my teacher {melt my heart}, helpful as a nurse, smart as a mad scientist, cute as a monkey, and as special as a rhino. Apparently rhinos are pretty special! Who knew?? :)

If you are looking for a quick, simple, last minute project for your sweeties to work on for Mother's Day I just uploaded this as a freebie in my tpt shop. :)

What do your students make for their moms for mother's day??

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Have a great rest of the week! :)

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