Five for Friday! {on a Sunday}

So I totally started my Five for Friday post on FRIDAY... and got side tracked and forgot to go back and finish it up. So here I am on Sunday... finally linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday!

This week it was all about penguins in room 4!

We made these cutie patootie penguins. You can find these in my It's a Winter Wonderland of Fun unit.

We read lots of nonfiction books about penguins. Those books helped us fill out this little can/have/are chart. We also made a KWL chart. {I forgot to snap a pick of it.}

Our Guiding Readers story this week was Tacky the Penguin!

We made this cute little Tacky the Penguin craft from Deedee and Deanna's Guiding Readers: January No Prep K-1 unit . We have been learning about adjectives, so I thought it would be great to use some adjectives to describe Tacky the Penguin!

And we made a tasty penguin snack on Friday to end our week of penguins.

We have also been learning about captions. Students looked through National Geographic books to try to spot captions. They then wrote the caption and drew a picture of what they found.

We also have been working with contractions. We watched a Brainpop Jr. video and did a super fun little contraction surgery activity. 

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that I wasn't the only one who wasn't planning on going to work on Thursday because I was supposed to wake a BILLIONAIRE! HA!! Dang it!!
There's always next time! ;)

Tuesday will be our 100th day so I've been prepping and getting things ready for that big celebration! It's always such a super fun day! You can read all about our 100th day celebration from last year HERE.

Our activities will be coming from this little pack

Well that's my Five for Friday! Have a great week!!

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Adventures of an unlikely Teacher said...

I love your penguin activities! So cute! And no you were not the only one expecting to wake up a billionaire on Thursday. =)