Hip! Hip! Hooray! It's the 100th Day!!

We are officially 100 days smarter in room 4! We had our 100th day celebration last Tuesday. And we have been out for snow ever since! 
I wanted to pop in today and share with you all about our 100th day celebration! 
I made 100th day cupcakes the night... it's become a tradition! :) That morning before my sweeties arrived, I hung balloons all around the room. Each balloon was filled with a 100 day activity. Throughout the day we would pick a balloon to pop and do the activity inside.... 100 jumping jacks, 100 second dance session, count to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's, I wish I had 100, I would not want 100, 100 high fives, etc. This is always a big hit and also another 100th day tradition!

100th Day Shirts
A couple weeks ago I sent home a note explaining that our 100th day celebration was set and asked students to make a 100th day themed t-shirt if they would like. Here are what some of my cuties came up with! They did a great job!

100th Day Mystery Bags
I sent home brown paper sacks along with a note explaining the 100th day mystery bag project and a paper for them to write down their clues. For this project, students filled their sack with 100 items and then wrote down 3 clues about their mystery item. Each student got up and shared their clues and we tried to guess what their 100th day mystery item was. This is a great project because it gives students a chance to hit some of the speaking/listening common core standards. Some items included macaroni, stickers, marshmallows, chocolate chips, marbles, and candy hearts

100 Day Stations
I set up my 100th day stations again this year. I have 8 stations and I put my kids in groups of 2 and they rotated station to station until they have done all 8. They each had a 100th day sticker chart and would add a sticker to their chart when they visited each station.

100th Day Trail Mix Station... Students counted out 10 of each snack (10 different snacks) for a total of 100 items for their trail mix. They did wrote about their tasty snack.
Race to 100 Station... Students took turns rolling a die and would color in spaces for the amount they rolled. The first student to make it to 100 was the winner! :)
100 Legos Creation Station... Students built a creation with 100 Legos and then drew a picture/wrote about their creation.
100th Day Kid Crafitivty... Students made this cute little craft at this station. 
100th Day Questionnaire...Here students wrote about their favorite lunch, their best friends, 3 things they have learned so far this year, and their favorite memory. Talk about melting my heart... one little sweetie wrote that I was her best friend! LOVE!
100th Day Tower... Here students built a tower with 100 plastic cups... I think this was their favorite station! :)
100 Piece Puzzle Station... Students put together a 100 piece puzzle.
100th Day Tangram Creation... students used Tangrams to build a creation and then they drew/wrote about their creation.

If you like something you see here and are needing some activities for your 100th day check out my 100th day activity pack. It has everything you need to make your 100th day celebration a super success!!

This is always such a memorable day and the kids love every second of it! 
When is your 100th day? How do you celebrate?

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