Reflections of 2015

I'm linking up with Kristin, Hadar, and Traci for their annual reflections linky!

Here are some of my favorite memories from 2015! :)

We got a ton of snow in January and February! So much that my Miller Man actually got some snow days too!!!!

Eric and I went to Destin for Spring Break. 

We spent many summer days at the lake on the pontoon boat relaxing, fishing, having picnic lunches, and playing cards. We sure do love lake days!

We also managed to squeeze in a little trip to Clearwater this summer. 

We went on a cruise for fall break to the Cayman Islands and Cozumel. 

Eric's brother's had never been on a cruise so they tagged along for this trip. :)

I entered Dexter in his very first costume contest... and he WON 1st place!!!! I always knew he was a winner! HA Proud dog mom moment let me tell ya!!!!

My class won 1st place in Twin Lakes phone directory recycling campaign! We collected 176 phone books!

I also had two Donors Choose Projects funded this year!!

We got this amazing rug that I have been wanting for years now!
The kids love it and we are getting so much use out it!
We also got a subscription to Scholastic News!
 We LOVE Donors Choose!!!

Dexter turned 6!!! He is growing up so fast! His birthday fell around the same time that we had planned a little trip that he could tag along the beach! So we celebrated with a beach party! :) I know, I know... we're crazy dog parents!

Dexter's first beach trip in Panama City! He loved it!!

We had our yearly family pics made near our house at the lake. Dexter wasn't too cooperative this year. We did manage to get a couple that he was actually looking. Little stinker! Boy I sure do love these two!! 

And... Well, I turned 30...
Umm I mean 29 again! HA!
My mom found 29 again candles! We had our annual birthday party with cake, pizza, punch, and presents! I'm an only child so my Birthday was always a big deal growing up...and even as an adult my mom still makes a big deal out of my special day and makes me feel extra special! :)

We went out to eat with our favorite couple to celebrate on my actual birthday! #30 deserves to Birthday celebrations! :)

I can't wait to see what 2016 holds and I look forward to making so many more memories with Eric and Dexter, my friends and family, and my sweet little firsties! :)
Be sure to link up with Kristin, Hadar, and Traci with your 2015 reflections!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year full of blessings, love, laughter and joy!!

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Katie said...

I have been looking for a rug for a while now! How big is the rug in the picture? What grade are your students? Where did you purchase that rug? My biggest worry is that the rug won't be big enough to comfortable fit all my students (I teach K-2)!

And I love you and your dog! Those costumes are adorable!

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