Polar Express Day! {2015}

Last Thursday we had our annual K-1 Polar Express Day. This day is always jammed pack full of fun and magic! The kids always have a blast and it's sure to be a day we all remember! :)

Here are some highlights from our day...

We each decorate our door for the special day. Here is one of the Kindergarten teacher's door. I must have got side tracked because I failed to snap my door.. or the other 2 teacher's doors. But they are all the same....just a different color.

When my students came in that morning they found their ticket for the Polar Express. 

Each room is a different stop on the Polar Express. Each class has a ticket and "boards" the train. The train goes stop to stop and students complete a different activity at each of the stops.

In the past I have always done games in my room. But this year I decided to switch things up and do the snack instead of games when the kids stopped at my room. We made a tasty Christmas tree at Santa's Little Sweet Shop. ;)

At another stop, students made a Polar Express bracelet while the teacher read them the story. :)

At another stop, students made magic reindeer food. 

And at another stop, students made snowball launchers and had a little competition to see who could launch their snowball the farthest.

Once each class had visited all of the stops on the Polar Express, they ended their day back in their homeroom to enjoy some tasty sweet treats and hot cocoa while they watched the movie.

At the end of the day the office let us know that someone with a white beard and a red suit dropped off a package for us in the office. When I returned to the classroom with the package we felt that it was freezing cold! Want to know why??? Santa delivered it straight from the North Pole! :)

When we opened up the package we found 16 bells inside! :) We BELIEVE!!!!


In other Christmas news, we were busy this month making special ornaments to give to our families for Christmas. 

I also found a cute foam ornament kit at Hobby Lobby. The ornament was made to resemble a traditional Christmas ornament and came with cute little accents like sequins and rhinestones and glitter. I snapped each student's pic and then added their pic to the ornament. Sorry no pic of these.

I hope the parents will love the ornaments we made as much as we did! :)

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