Hip Hip Hooray! Let's Celebrate the 100th Day!

We are officially 100 days smarter in room 04! After missing several days for snow and sickness we finally celebrated our 100th day of school today and boy did we have SO.MUCH.FUN!!! 

Our day was jam packed full of fun and we were all about the number 100! I set up 8 stations for my sweeties to rotate through. Stations included 100 legos creation, 100th day trail mix, 100th day kid craftivity, 100 tangram creation, 100 piece puzzle, 100th day tower, 100th day questionnaire and race to 100 game. Most stations had a recording sheet that had students to write and draw about their creations.

I hung balloons from the ceiling {like I do each year} and in each balloon was an activity. As we would finish a rotation, I would randomly select students to pick out a balloon for me to pop and then they would read the activity that we were to do. They were in such suspense to know what the activities could be and couldn't wait to find out! Activities included counting to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's, a 100 second dance session, 100 glorious seconds of silence, 100 high fives, 100 leg lifts, 100 sit ups, 100 jumping jacks, touch your nose 100 times, etc. SOOOO much fun! One sweetie said he sure hoped we didn't have to do anymore sit ups! HA  After we popped a couple of balloons and completed those activities we would then rotate to our next station. Students each had a sticker chart that they would take with them as they went to a new station. Waiting for them at the station was stickers for them to add to their sticker chart. They loved it and it went soooo smoothly!!  

Students were invited to make a special 100th day shirt at home with their families. I sent home a note a couple weeks in advance to ensure that families had enough time to participate. They did such a fabulous job with their shirts!! We had some special judges come around to our K-1 classrooms to pick a grand prize winner {everyone got a Hawk Bill for participating-this is school money} The grand prize winners in addition to their Hawk Bill got a 100 grand candy bar and a soda of their choice! ;) You would have thought we were giving away millions! :)  They all did such a great job.. I wouldn't want to be a judge! Tooooo hard to pick! 

Here are a few of my sweeties and their shirts. AWESOME JOB!

The wild about the 100th day one is mine! :)

To end our day we enjoyed our trail mix, special 100th day cupcakes, and a juice pouch. What's a celebration without cupcakes??? :)

Today was a super fun day and my teacher heart came home so full of happiness. Days like today are truly the ones that they remember. I still have a student from a few years ago that I had in first grade say to me from time to time "hey, Miss Elisabeth, do you remember that one time you were making applesauce for Johnny Appleseed day and that mouse jumped out at you and you screamed???" That student is now in 4th grade. I don't know if it was the mouse that was so memorable or me screaming. But it was all because of Johnny Appleseed that we were celebrating that day. I'm thankful for school celebrations and the awesome learning opportunities that they give us. I'm so thankful to be able to teach such sweet children each day and year. I hope that something I do leaves a special mark on their heart and goes with them throughout their lives and they look back and remember me and our class and fun times we had together. I remember like it was yesterday my 3rd grade teacher transforming our classroom into the rainforest and the ocean that year. She influenced me to become a teacher with her enthusiasm to bring learning to life. I hope that I can bring some of that magic to my students that Mrs. Gibson gave to me that year.

Thankful for these sweet teacher friends who I get to work and have fun with everyday! :)

Well friends, that's our 100th day! Can't wait to do it all again next year with a new group of firsties! All of these activities that you see and that I've talked about can be found in my new pack Hip Hip Hooray! Let's Celebrate the 100th Day!.

Have you celebrated your 100th day of school yet?? Leave me a comment telling me when you celebrate or if you have already have and I would love to hear how you celebrate. I will pick the 1st, 5th, 10th, and hopefully the 20th {I never have that many comments! HA} commenter to win this pack for FREE! :) Don't forget to leave your email in your comment!


Karyn said...

This is awesome Elisabeth!


Unknown said...

We are celebrating 100th day next Friday...one day before our AdvancedEd Accreditiation team arrives. Yikes, we will have to clean up quickly from all the fun! I am in charge of the day so I am scrambling a bit...coming from sixth grade where we did not do anything! I love your package and it would save the day !

Mrs. Brown said...

Oh this looks great! Love how your day looks like it turned out! We celebrate ours next Thursday....thanks!


megandw said...

Your day looks like so much fun!
We celebrate this Thurs!!!!


Jennifer said...

This looks fantastic! We are celebrating our 100th day today! We had a few snow days so that pushed our 100th day back some. We had so much planned that we will continue to finish up some of our activities this week!