Currently January 2015

Happy first day of 2015! Every year I say I want to blog more.. and I really, really, really do!!  So I'm starting off the first day with a blog post! Yippe!! Maybe this will keep me motivated! I love reading everyone's currently each month and I decided to join in on the fun that Farely has each month over at Oh Boy 4th Grade!

So here goes my very first currently and hopefully it's the first of many! :)

I'm currently listening/watching to The Real Housewives of Atlanta that I had on the DVR. I was a little behind and getting caught up on all the drama that's happening in Atlanta.

I'm loving that I got to spend the day with Eric. He didn't have to work today, so I got to cook him breakfast, lunch, and dinner! :) I love to cook! We played Yahtzee, watched football, and just enjoyed being at home with no where to be and nothing to do. :)

I'm thinking that I don't want Christmas break to end... not just yet anyways. I had SO much I needed to get done while I was off. The flu.... well... it had other things in mind for me and unfortunately I haven't had the chance to do half of what I needed to do. A few more days off would help with that.

I'm wanting a new pair of TOMS wedges... BAD! I have a slight TOMS addiction. 

I'm needing to finish a whole bunch of tpt units that I've started along the way and haven't finished. Those few extra days off would really help with this.

Yes to getting myself and my classroom organized! It's one of my new years resolutions to get organized. This would help tremendously with my other new resolutions to be stress free and leave work at work.

Maybe I will go ahead and order the wedges tonight. Why not!???

I wish it would SNOW! But not tonight... I'm thinking Sunday or Monday night would be great.. this would give me those few extra days that I'm so desperately needing to get caught up and oh get organized! ;)

That's my currently! 
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Barbara said...

Hi Elisabeth!
Just found your pretty blog through Farley.
Your New Year's Day sounds absolutely perfect. We spent our day travelling but it involved a 2 hour ferry ride so I got lots of reading done:)
I'm with you on the snow days. It's always so hard to go back to work after a vacation.
Happy New Year!
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Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE TOMS wedges! They're so cute and comfortable. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Glitter and Gradebooks

Nicole said...

What a cute blog! I too have a Tom's addiction, I now must check out the wedges!!! I am hoping for a Snow Day or two this year:) Good luck with blogging, I am going to try the same!! I am your newest follower!!! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Ah! Another RHOA fan! I can't get enough of that show... Gotta love Kandi! Don't start none, won't be none... love, love, LOVE her! And of course, with all of this Apollo drama this season! It's great! I hope you're enjoying catching up as much as I did on Tuesday! :)

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Leslie Jones said...

Oh how I can relate to your post. I have 3 more days of break and then back to school. I would love a little more time and some snow sure would be nice. Enjoy the rest of your break. Happy New Year!

Leslie Jones said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I can so relate to your post. I have 3 more days of break and wouldn't mind a couple of more days with some snow mixed in. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

Jess said...

We are on the same page with many things! I say every year I want to blog more. I think blogging on the first day of the new year is a great start! Hope you have a relaxing rest of your break!
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