Technology Tip Tuesday!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Technology Tip Tuesday. Here are couple of my favorite technology go to websites...

Check out for all of your planning needs! You don't have to carry it with you.. requires no writing.. you don't have to worry about forgetting it at school, because you can log in and plan from anywhere! If you want to add the common core standards to your daily plans, there is an option to add those. Just click on the standards tab, find the standard you need and add it to your lesson. Easy as pie! And you can even import your lessons from the previous year!!! This will save lots of time and you can just modify those as needed.
My school has a membership to this site for our teachers. But if you are interested it's $12 a year or you might even suggest it to your principal! It's well worth it! even offers a 30 day trail! :)

I use an online grade book program called engrade and I love it! I have used engrade for the past few years and couldn't imagine not using it. No more paper grade books...or averaging my own grades...or forgetting my grade book at school because I can log in and pull my grade book up from anywhere! You simply create an account, add your classes (subjects) and students and then start adding assignments with grades. It averages the grades for you and you can even set it up for parents/students to log in and view their grades and even send you messages. It's very user friendly... and it's FREE!!!


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