Soda-Lighted!! :)

Hi blog friends! It's back to work for this first grade teacher...our first day with students is August 8th! I've been to inservices all was our registration day and I got to meet some of my new, sweet kiddos. For registration, I make a folder and include all of the forms that the office needs filled out, a first grade handbook with anything and everything the parents might need to know about our little first grade class, a getting to know your child sheet, a note about "snazzy snacks" (thanks Christina for this idea), and a first grade expectations sheet. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this folder to share. What do you do for your registration??

And to make my new kiddos feel extra special and excited about coming to first grade I made them a little treat to give them at registration. 

I got several packs of candy wax bottles and put a couple in the small snack size Ziploc baggies, added a little label and wallah! A cute little back to school treat for registration day to let my new kiddos know that I'm "Soda-Lighted You're in My Class!" :)

If you would like to make these for your kiddos, I have included the labels below. There are two options for the labels... color or black. CLICK HERE for color labels and CLICK HERE for black labels. I hope you like this little treat idea!! :)

Happy Friday! Here is to a tax free, back to school shopping weekend in Tennessee!!! Yippee!!



Lisa R. said...

That is such a cute idea!! Thanks for sharing!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Tamera Wilson said...

Love those wax bottles. Remind me of being a kid!

Kelli said...

thanks for sharing this great idea!

I have a freebie for K-2 notebooks...please stop by!

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