Must-Haves Monday!

I am super excited about the teacher week fun that is happening over at Blog Hoppin'! Today is "Must-Haves Monday." Here are some of my teacher "must-haves!"

 Mr. Sketch markers! LOVE!! Not only are they the best for making anchor charts... but they smell wonderful!! Who doesn't love smelly markers??

Post-It Notes! I use these all the time for class charts. 
Projector! Love it!! (I wish it was a smartboard... but oh so very grateful for this projector!!) Our math series came with digital animated lessons. I project these each day to introduce the new lesson. I also use the projector to show Brainpop, Jr. video clips. And I also hook my flex cam to it to display a large version of sheets we are on... perfect for when we correct our Saxon Phonics lessons or do a sheet whole group.

Desk Calendar! 

Laptop bag and my laptop!

Chart tablet! 

Bic pens for grading! The pink is my absolute fave!

And sometimes when it's a *regular* coke kinda day! 

Be sure and hop on over to Blog Hoppin' and link up with your teacher "must-haves!"

Happy Monday!! :)


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