Tell Me More!

Hey blog friends! The sweet Mrs. Lemons is having a little "tell me more" linky party on her blog and I decided to join in on the fun! So here are a few little random tid bits about me.

1. I have the best boyfriend any girl could ask for... and I big time puffy heart him!!!! We love to travel!

2. We have a sweet little fur baby...Dexter! Isn't he cute?

3. I have naturally curly hair... it's pretty much a rats nest that I've been cursed with! HA  I guess we have a love/hate relationship.. I really hate it, but I also really couldn't imagine it being straight either.

4. I'm an only child.

5. I was on MTV's TRL with my classmates when I was a senior in high school! Denzel Washington and Jennifer Garner were the guests for that episode. 

6. My initials spell END.

7. I love reality tv! Especially all of the Real Housewives shows... Beverly Hills is my favorite! I also really like Master Chef and Hells Kitchen! {I'm secretly a cooking diva!}

8. I love to cook and bake. I often find excuses just to make a dessert.. especially something you top with a little vanilla ice cream! :)

9. I love me some sweet tea.

10. I'm from the smallest town in Tennessee.

11. I'm addicted to soaps! As in soap operas! Like seriously.... before there was DVR, I would record them on tapes! HAHA  My favorite is the Young and the Restless. When I was a little my babysitter always watched them so I think maybe that caused it?? I even read spoilers! I know... I'm weird, right!?? haha

12. My favorite place to shop is Gap.

13. I love purses...Vera Bradley and Coach are my faves!

14. I love to craft and make things.

15. I'm currently addicted to pinterest!!

Well that's it.. me in a nutshell I guess. ha  I hope you have learned a little bit more about me. :)

Get yourself over to Amy's blog and link up so we can learn more about you!



Chrissy said...

Dexter is so cute! I'm a sweet tea and Real Housewives fan too (Orange County is my fave). Love the colors in your blog!
First Grade Found Me

Chrissy said...
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Tamera Wilson said...

Dexter is adorable. Love my fur babies too.
I am all about some sweet tea.
I am having a Give Away. Stop by to win!


The Colorful Apple said...

Vera Bradley and Coach are my favorites too! I tell my husband that I'm a bag lady. It drives him crazy!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Unknown said...

Dexter is so cute! I'm cursed with mostly frizzy hair. I hate mine, too!

Elizabeth said...

I'm from Tennessee, too! I live in West Tennessee. So great to find another Tennessean.

Elizabeth L.
The First Grade Jungle Room

Mrs. Wheeler said...

TRL? For real!? LOL! Love it!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Halle said...

TRL?!! How cool! I'd say you made out with the guests that day...does it get any more A-List???

And Dexter is adorable! I wrote about my furbaby, Georgie, for the Linky too :)

Across the Hall in 2nd

Rikki said...

I love the name Dexter for a dog. He's a cutie!
The Hive